Dontrelle Willis to land in the desert?

The Diamondbacks and Tigers are discussing the possibility of sending the lefty to the desert. Dontrelle Willis hasn’t been much help this season for the Tigers pitching, posting a 1-2 record with a 4.98 era. The worst part is that he has 29 walks in 43.1 innings. Ever since 2007 D-Train has been off the tracks. Willis after being DFA asked to be on a team in National League. The Diamondbacks in dire need of any pitcher is looking at the possibility of adding him and putting him in the rotation. Right now the Diamondbacks Rotation goes like this. Haren (5.35 era), Jackson (6.03 era), Kennedy (3.38 era), Lopez (4.31 era), and Buckner (11.08 era). So adding D-Train to be the 5th starter wouldn’t be bad at all. If the old Willis would comeback he could be either a nice trade chip come trade deadline or could be a future in the pitching staff. If the old Willis stays he might be on Diamondbacks, but not for a long time and possibly could see some time in the minors. The former rookie of the year, and 22 game winner is looking to revive his career in the National league. Let’s hope the D-Train can get back on the tracks.

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