How many goals will we see today?

After watching 11 goals on Saturday I don’t know what to expect today. I enjoyed watching the Blackhawks and Flyers go back and forth. Lead change after lead change I couldn’t leave the room. So I ask how many goals will we see today? Some factors that will play into that is will we see the Michael Leighton in the Canadiens series or will we get the old Michael Leighton we never looked upon as good. Antti Niemi didn’t look good either but was a stone wall in the 3rd period allowing no goals. His consistency in the playoffs shows no signs of panic, he has a record of 13-4. The Flyers top line didn’t contribute to the 5 goals the Flyers scores. So look for the Flyers lines to get mixed up a bit. Tune in to Game 2 at 8pm eastern on NBC.

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