Angels likely candidates at first base

After Kendry Morales hit a walk off grand slam, he broke his leg jumping onto the plate awkwardly. Reports came in saying he could miss the whole year. Who will replace him? Catcher Mike Napoli replaced him in Sunday’s game but hasn’t played at first base  since his minor league days.

Potential Targets

Lance Berkman (Houston Astros)       Jermaine Dye (Free Agent)                             Mike Lowell (Boston Red Sox)                   Carlos Delgado (Free Agent)                 Russell Branyan (Cleveland Indians)       Ryan Garko (Free Agent)

Another Possibility could be a reunion with Darin Erstad playing first base

Unlikley Possibilities………..

Gary Sheffield (Free Agent)                             Paul Lo duca (Free Agent)                       Elijah Dukes (Free Agent) <<<Would be a great bat but I’m not sure he could play first.

Angels need to find someone soon because Morales was one of there best bats in the lineup. Hard to replace but there are a few free agents who could be serviceable.

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