Rashad beats Rampage by unanimous decision

Rashad Evans beat Rampage Jackson by unamious decision in a rather technical fight. All the talk between these fighters you expected a knockout or a slugfest. Instead there were a couple of good shots, takedowns, and lots of grappling on the cage. The fight was hyped and anticipated to be one of the biggest grudge matches.

It opened up strong when Rashad landed a big overhand right that sent Rampage tumbling to the cage. Rashad then grappled Rampage against the cage for most of the first. Rashad also got a nice takedown in that round to. All judges score Rashad 10-9.

The second round opened and was more cage grappling and Rashad hitting rampage with small knees to the leg. Besides that it was a showcase for Rashad’s dance moves. All judges score Rashad 10-9

The 3rd round began and finally some fireworks. Rashad goes in for a takedown instead meets Rampage Jackson’s fist. Rampage throws a couple of uppercuts and Rashad goes down. Rampage gets on Rashad and starts a flurry of ground and pound punches. Rashad recovers and good thing because Herb Dean was right there to possibly stop it. Rashad is able to get himself off the ground back standing. Rampage needing the knockout and nothing to lose doesn’t attack instead Rashad takes him down and delivers some good ground and pound shots. Rampage manages to get back up but only to be taken down again and Rashad lands more ground and pound shots. Rampage gets up again but the round is over. 1 Judge scored it Rampage 10-9 and the other two judges Rashad 10-9.

Rashad Evans Wins by unanimous decision (30-27), (30-27), and (29-28). Post fight talk seemed to be more respectable then lot’s of trash talk. Rashad also says he will rematch Rampage whenever he wants. Rashad’s next fight is vs Shogun Rua for the belt now. Rampage will have to rebound vs someone now to get back. I could see Rampage versing Forrest Griffin, Lyoto Machida, or Thiago Silva.

Biggest Suprise was Jon Hathaway who is now 13-0 after beating Diego Sanchez bad. He looks like a serious contender in the Welterweight division and should get winner of Martin Kampmann v Paulo Thiago for the belt in my opinion. UFC 114 is over, next is 115 with Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin headlining after Tito Ortiz withdrew.

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