UFC 150: Henderson vs Edgar II Predictions

Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar

Easily a FOTN candidate out of the gate, and the best words to describe my anticipation for this fight can be best said by Bart Scott “Can’t Wait!”. If you saw the first fight, expect it be another WAR, and to be on the edge of your seat. Both these guys add the perfect elements to a great fight, and while I haven’t really given any analysis, I’m just going to say I like Edgar in rematches. Edgar by decision!

Donald Cerrone vs Melvin Guillard

First off, this fight should be awesome but it’s kind of heart wrenching that these two friends have to fight each other because others denied to fight Donald Cerrone. They seem up to it though, and I think we are for a pretty good stand up WAR. This is a bad fight for Melvin who I think will get picked apart by Cerrone’s leg kicks, and eventual when this fight hits the floor, Cerrone will make Guillard tap. Cerrone by Submission!

Jake Shields vs Ed Herman

This could be an interesting fight as both guys almost live and die by there top control and submission game. Both are not great strikers, although I think i’d give the edge to Herman because he has some power in his hands. On the ground Herman is good, but he’s no Jake Shields. I can imagine Herman holding his own but once that third round hits, Shields who is known to have good cardio (been in multiple 5 round fights) should be able to take over and finish Herman. Shields by Submission!

Yushin Okami vs Buddy Roberts

I’m not going to over analyze this one, as I’m not sure Buddy Roberts (Sweet name) has much to offer Okami. I give him props for taking the fight though, and if he could pull this one off, his career will definitely take off. But, I think Okami wears him down, and eventually puts him away in the third round. Okami by TKO/KO!

Justin Lawrence vs Max Holloway

A solid fight to start off the main card, and it will be a crowd favorite for sure. These two guys come to bang, and they will definitely trade shots. I think this fight will come down to cardio though, which I favor to Holloway. In TUF, Lawrence’s cardio wasn’t that great, and was on full display in the fight against eventual winner Mike Chiesa. I know the pace of this fight will intense, so be ready for a WAR! Holloway by decision!

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