UFC Middleweight Matchups To Make


Chris Weidman vs Michael Bisping

There is no doubt in my mind that Chris Weidman will have to fight again, and not because he isn’t worthy of Anderson Silva right now. But, the fact that Anderson Silva won’t be fighting until the end of the year in my opinion. With that said, I think a fight against Michael Bisping pending he can defeat Brian Stann would line up a bout that could decide who is the number one contender. Bisping has said that he’s been told if he wins, he will get a title shot but that would be a bunch of bull. And while I do think he is a contender, I believe he shouldn’t earn a title shot for beating Brian Stann, no offense. Weidman against Bisping would be a solid fight though, and it helps that they have exchange words.


Tim Boetsch vs Shields/Herman winner

Tim Boetsch is on the fences for a bit with a broken foot, but shouldn’t be out more than 2 months from training. Anyways, In defeating Hector Lombard, Boetsch has put himself in an interesting situation amongst the top middleweights. He is closing in on a title shot, in which if you asked me if he’d ever be a top middleweight when he decided to drop down, i’d say “Hell No”. As for the matchup, Shields coming back to middleweight quickly puts him back at top of the division. I mean the guy dominated at middleweight, and beat up the now light heavyweight challenger Dan Henderson after surviving multiple H Bombs. If Herman could defeat Shields, it would be a huge win for him, and would have him on four fight consecutive win streak. Boetsch against the winner would be a very intriguing bout for sure.

Yushin Okami vs Costa Philippou

Costa Philippou has looked very solid since after losing his UFC debut against Nick Catone. He has racked up four wins in a row, and against exceptional talent within the division. His skill set is very promising, and it’s time for a bump up in competition. If Okami can get by Buddy Roberts, which I believe he will, this would be a very exciting matchup. Okami despite losing two fights in a row, is still a top ten middleweight, and is that name that Philippou is looking for to really boost him up in the division.

Chael Sonnen vs Rousimar Palhares

Sonnen is toying with the idea of moving up to 205, which could very well move him rather quickly into title contention, But I think he should stay in the middleweight division for now. And when I say for now, I think eventually he should move up but not after a win streak in the middleweight division. That win streak could propel him to a title shot against Jones, just an idea. Anyways on to his opponent, which is Palhares. The reason for this fight is simply because Palhares is a top ranked Brazilian, and Sonnen can talk the talk we all love prior to the fight. Especially considering Sonnen asked Palhares for his help prior to facing Anderson Silva, and Palhares denied. Not that should be a segway to a fight, just something to stir the pot!  Palhares is a dangerous matchup for  Sonnen as well, as he carries Sonnen’s kryptonite which is a very lethal submission game. It would be interesting to see if Sonnen can avoid being submitted. Book it!

Wanderlei Silva vs Patrick Cote

This fight makes sense on so many levels, because both men have had similar UFC careers. Each fighting for a title once and failing to claim it, and both never accumulating more wins than losses in the UFC. Silva is 4-7, while Cote is 4-8. But, these men are one of the better entertainers in the UFC despite such a poor record. They love to bang, and both have some vicious power in their hands. Cote’s chin is among the best though, and Silva’s remains suspect as he has aged past his prime. This would be a fun fight, and perfect scenario for one of these men to finally get something going perhaps. If Silva could win, I think a fight against Sonnen to settle there beef would be appropriate, and although I think it’s a bad matchup for Silva, he still would want the fight.

Hector Lombard vs Mark Munoz

Man was I pumped for Hector Lombard to finally arrive in the UFC but boy did he disappoint. I still think he did enough to win the fight, but you can’t leave your fate in the hands of the judges. Anyways this fight definitely should go down, Munoz called Lombard a recycling can, and Lombard said he would reject a title shot just to beat up Munoz. If your rejecting a title shot to fight someone who just got brutally knocked out, that is a bit dumb, but scary in terms of what you want to do to them. With that said, book it Dana!

Ronny Markes vs Nick Ring

Ronny Markes is an interesting prospect, and when he moved down to the middleweight division, he looked pretty good against Aaron Simpson in route to a split decision victory. He looked really strong against Simpson, who normally is known to use his strength to pin fighters to the cage and grind away at them. A fight against a guy like Ring, who is 3-1 in the UFC, could give us an idea of where Markes, and even Ring is at. I’m sure Nick wants to get back in there, and try an erase a controversial win recently (Ring actually has now had 2 controversial wins). I think this would be a great fight to test Markes, and for Ring to prove he belongs.

Chris Leben vs Alessio Sakara II

Leben should be back from his suspension around November, and I can’t wait. He is such a fun fighter to watch, I mean who takes shots, and continually moves forward. Only the real life zombie in the octagon, Chris Leben. As for his opponent, a rematch against Alessio Sakara would be an awesome return fight. There first fight was awesome, a back and forth brawl, that ended in Leben winning by TKO. Sakara was upset over the stoppage but it was fair as far as i’m concerned. He took numerous punches that weren’t defended, and Herb dean jumped in. It was a sick fight, and I’m sure we’d all like to see it again!

Andrew Craig vs Jared Hamman

Craig is an interesting prospect, and perhaps his biggest attribute in MMA is his heart. In his last fight, he was getting rocked and beat up by Rafael Natal until suddenly a head kick out of no where connected, leaving Natal unconscious. You’d have to see the fight, to really know where I’m coming from with his heart being his biggest attribute. Anyways, I think Natal was a good step up to see where he is at but I think a guy like Jared Hamman pending he can beat Michael Kuiper at UFC 150, would be another tough test. Hamman likes to brawl, and it would be interesting to see if Craig can sustain being in another one.

Court McGee vs C.B Dollaway

I honestly though Court McGee won, or at least did enough for the fight to be a draw but the decision went to Nick Ring. It’s safe to say though, that McGee will fight again for the UFC despite a two fight losing skid. I think a fight against C.B Dollaway would be a good rebound fight, and a potential fight for C.B to build upon his uninspiring win that retired Jason “Mayhem” Miller. McGee’s a pretty decent wrestler, so atleast Dollaway can’t lay on him.

Nick Catone vs Rafael Natal

It’s kind of funny matching these guys up because both had unfortunate ends to their fights. For Nick Catone, he was leading on the scorecards into round three where a nasty cut inside the eyebrow caused a stoppage to the fight in the third round. For Natal, he was putting it on Andrew Craig dropping him several times, and hitting him a bunch of shots but just couldn’t finish him. With 8 seconds left in the second round, Natal was unconscious from a head kick. With all that said, match em up!

Karlos Vemola vs Clifford Starks

Vemola’s move to the middleweight division seemed promising until he meet a future contender in Francis Carmont who trains at Tri Star with GSP. Tough luck but Vemola will be back, and hopefully against a lower tier fighter just to start building him back up. A fight againgst Clifford Starks would be a good start, who also ran into some tough luck losing to UFC veteran Ed Herman in only his second UFC fight.

Riki Fukuda vs Tim Credeur

If Credeur could stay healthy this fight could be a sleeper. Fukuda can bring it, and is arguably 2-1 in the UFC in my eyes.  Fukuda even got paid the win bonus by the UFC even though the Judges awarded Nick Ring the decision at UFC 127. Anyways, both these guys have the elements to make this fight exciting, and a possible sleeper on a preliminary card if it ever did happen.


Vitor Belfort vs Alan Belcher (Confirmed)

Awesome Fight, Was thinking the same thing!

Rich Franklin vs Cung Le (Confirmed)

Was supposed to happen before, and I knew it would happen eventually although it seemed Rich wasn’t really feeling it after beating Wandy.

Francis Carmont vs Tom Lawlor (Confirmed)

I was also thinking this, and I think it’s a good test to see where Carmont is given that Lawlor is a UFC veteran that can give Carmont a run for his money.

Luiz Cane vs Chris Camozzi (Confirmed)

I didn’t see this one coming. I actually had Cane matched up with Vemola, and also thought even a fight with Sakara made sense. Not sure Camozzi coming in with a 2 fight win streak makes sense to scrap with a guy who is 1-3 in his last 4 fights.

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