UFC 145: Jones vs Evans Predictions

Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans

A fight for the ages, and I am so pumped for this one as I bet every UFC fan is as well. The story behind it just fuels the fire for an absolute war. Jones who is the Light Heavyweight Champion will look to defend his belt third straight time. He will also look to take down another former champion for the fourth straight time. A simply amazing feat if he does win. For Rashad, it would be sweet revenge to beat a forming training partner and his old gym. Also to regain the Light Heavyweight Belt, which he once held. This fight is truly amazing on so many levels. Rashad’s got awesome wrestling, and pretty good striking but Jones is so lengthy and well rounded it’s hard to pick against him. Which is why, I’m not. Jones is just on another level that I’m not sure anyone can match at this point. So with that said, Jones will put away Rashad in the fourth round after picking at him, and wearing him down for the first three rounds. 

Rory MacDonald vs Che Mills

An underrated bout, in that it really hasn’t gotten as much hype yet it’s the co-main event. It’s that for a reason because these are two dynamic fighters. MacDonald is on the rise, and is being touted as the next GSP. Mills is fresh off a quick KO win, which he earned the KOTN bonus. I like Mills striking better than MacDonald’s here but in terms of overall game I really like MacDonald. The way he threw around Nate Diaz like a rag doll was truly amazing. I think this also is a contender to be FOTN, and I’m going with MacDonald who I think will out grapple Mills to a decision.

Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell

 Another heavyweight bout which definitely should not go three rounds. An for us fans, we hope not for Ben Rothwell’s sake. Schaub is coming off a loss to “Big Nog”, which snapped his 4 fight win streak. Schaub needs a win here to stay around the upper tier of the heavyweight division. As for Rothwell, his mean stare can only get him so far. He needs to start winning because his performances won’t save his job. A loss here will most likely end his run in the UFC, so hopefully he fights with some urgency and comes out swinging. But, I’m going with Schaub here to put him away in the 3rd round, after Rothwell fades.

Miguel Torres vs Michael McDonald

A crucial fight for both fighters, as one will emerge into the mix for a possible number one contender fight vs Renan Barao for the shot at the winner of Cruz vs Faber. Anyways, i’m super stoked for this fight, especially banatamweights. They always deliver, and it’s just great fast paced fights. Torres will look to build off his dominant win over Nick Pace, while the fast rising McDonald will look build off his 4 fight win streak under Zuffa. A great fight, that will definitely be fought everywhere. I like Torres grappling better here, and i’ll take him in a decision but I think this could be a contender for FOTN (Don’t Blink!) .

Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin 

After losing 2 fights straight, Hominick will look to get back to his winning ways. A climb back to rematch Aldo, in which was an absolute battle would be the ultimate goal. As for Yagin, his first win in the UFC is what he’s still seeking. A win over Hominick would be a huge win. I’m not going to over analyze this one because I’m going to heavily favor Hominick in this one. I saw Yagin’s debut and was hyped for his UFC debut but he didn’t impress at all. Hominick will use his striking to put away Yagin in the second.

Mark Bocek vs John Alessio

Two veteran Canadian lightweights will start off the main card, in which should be an exciting fight. I think we are going to see a good amount of grappling in this one, as both fighters combine for 21 submissions. Alessio has returned to the UFC after winning 10 of his last 11 fights. Meanwhile, Bocek looks to build off his victory over Nik Lentz who was 5-0 in the UFC before Bocek. I think Bocek is a tier above Alessio but on any given night anything can happen. But, I see Bocek taking this one though via decision

 Travis Browne vs Chad Griggs

 A fun heavyweight bout that should deliver a knockout for the fans. At least that’s the feeling I’m getting when two big men step into the octagon. Browne is undefeated in the UFC, and is looking to get into the upper tier of the heavyweight division with a win. Browne is also looking to erase his last performance, which was a lackluster one to say the least. Meanwhile Griggs is a Strikeforce import, and will look to make a instant impact in the UFC like the other Strikeforce heavyweight imports have done thus far. I really like Browne in this fight, and I say this because I’m not entirely convinced Griggs is all that good. Griggs fame comes from beating Lashley but in that fight he was easily taken down and ground and pounded. Something that Browne can do and not fade off as quickly as Lashley did. I like Browne here to put it on Griggs until the ref steps in.

Stephen Thompson vs Matt Brown

I love this fight and it should be a fun stand up war. Thompson emerged onto the UFC scene with a bang, taking out opponent Dan Stittgen with a roundhouse kick (as pictured above). Thompson is one of the better stories in the UFC, who is now 6-0 in MMA since transitioning from kickboxing where he went 63-0. Brown on the other hand despite a record of 13-11, always delivers a fun fight for the fans which is why he’s still around. But, at this point he needs to keep winning or he could be fighting elsewhere. This is by no means an easy task but a win here, will definitely keep him around for awhile. A loss puts his job in jeopardy, once again. Thompson will look to continue to ride this “high”, and go 70-0 combined in combat sports. I love Thompson’s arsenal and I think he will put away Brown in round one.

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