Thursday Night Game Prediction

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks

A battle between 4-7 teams who both last week seen there leads disappear, eventually losing. The Eagles lost was more severe and you would of never guessed by the final score that they even were up 10-0 at one point. Anyways, Vince Young will lead the Eagles again with Vick still injured. McCoy is banged up (will be limited), Maclin, and DRC are out. Asomugha is active all though not 100%. As for the Seahawks Tarvaris Jackson is hurt but still will start

Going to make this brief, the Eagles should win this game despite playing in Quest Field. Although hampered by injuries, they still have a better team than the Hawks. Tarvaris being banged up affects the offense and as long as he is in, they won’t have much success. Vince Young can be the offense if need be and showed that he could still sling it last week. Too bad for a few key drops, Young would of had stat wise an incredible game.


Eagles 31 – Seahawks 17

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