The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

1.  Green Bay Packers (11-0) (Even) They easily dismantled the Lions which I thought was one of their tougher test. Make no mistake though, this Giants game is a tough one as well.

2.  New Orleans Saints (8-3) (+1) – The Saints offense is clicking and stopping it….seems very unlikely. 

3.  Baltimore Ravens (8-3) (+2) – A hard-fought and solid win for the Ravens. They no doubt seem a playoff team but they do need to continue building consistency.

4.  San Francisco 49ers (9-2) (-2) – The loss is probably good for them to see what needs to be fixed. Its clear-cut though that the defense is solid and the offense needs work.

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) (-1) – I’m not sure why the Steelers didn’t show up on SNF. They won ugly but games like this are often reflected at come playoff time.

6.  Houston Texans (8-3) (Even) – Another injury to the quarterback is devastating. The 3rd string rookie T.J Yates will now be in charge, with Delhomme waiting in the wing. They should win the division based on ground game + defense but come playoffs it will be a foggy situation.

7.  New England Patriots (8-3) (Even) – The schedule is in the Patriots favor, and they should be clinching the division in a couple of weeks.

8.  Dallas Cowboys (7-4) (+2) – Another close victory but the last drive was solid. Not only did they drive down the field with ease but they wasted all the time for a time expiring game winning field goal.

9.  Atlanta Falcons (7-4) (+3) Matt Ryan was great, and added another win for the Falcons who are starting to become consistent. 

10.  Oakland Raiders (7-4) (+3) – The Raiders special teams is so good that they hands down won a game for the Raiders, Bravo.

11.  Chicago Bears (7-4) (-3) – The Bears defense was solid but unfortunately Hanie’s turnover lost them the game. He looked good at the end of the game which presents some promise….

12.  Detroit Lions (7-4) (-3) – Not only did they get schooled on Thanksgiving but now they lost Suh for 2 games for his actions during that game. I believe their playoff hopes either live or die against the Saints.

13.  New York Jets (6-5) (+1)  – The Jets were sloppy but got the win which keeps there playoff hopes alive.

14.  Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) (+1) – They battled back and didn’t luck they got in that game for granted. The Bengals will face the Steelers next, could define if their a contender or not.

15.  New York Giants (6-5) (-4) – Playoff hopes are getting dimmer by the week for the hot starting, now cold Giants. But, I don’t believe there done yet even though the Packers are next.

16.  Denver Broncos (6-5) (even) – Tebow is now 5-1 as a starter, and is doing great things. But, the defense should be given it’s credit as well for it’s strong play during this stretch.

17.  Tennessee Titans (6-5) (+1) Hasselbeck wasn’t great but somehow, somewhere….Chris Johnson came to the rescue. Hopefully for the Titans sake this wasn’t a one game thing.

18.  Buffalo Bills (5-6) (-1) – Too bad Stevie Johnson was too busy coordinating his Plaxico Burress touchdown celebration instead of catching.

19.  Seattle Seahawks (4-7) (even) – It will be interesting to see if they address the obvious need for a QB in the off-season.

20.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-7) (even) – A season chalked full of hope looks to be just about over pending some dramatic 9-7 finish.

21.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-7) (even) – What I don’t get is that Gailey still going with Palko for another week.

22.  San Diego Chargers (4-7) (even) – Turner should be on his way out soon.

23.  Arizona Cardinals (4-7) (+3) – Beanie Wells stole the show, boy he showed them why he should be the starter.

24.  Cleveland Browns (4-7) (-1) – Once again, they had another win turn into a loss from a mistake. 

25.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) (-1) – Freeman couldn’t work his 4th quarter magic again, but at this point losing is the better option.

26.  Miami Dolphins (3-8) (-1) – They played very tough and had chances to win the game but settled for field goals which defines Sparano….settling for less.

27.  Washington Redskins (4-7) (even) – Seems the Redskins are playing better with Grossman at the helm then Beck.

28. Carolina Panthers (3-8) (+3) – A closer win then I thought. The Panthers are a receiver, and some defensive players away from being a potential contender. 

29.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) (-1) – Looks like the Jags aren’t sold on Gabbert, i’m not either.

30.  St. Louis Rams (2-9) (-1) – I bet Bradford cant wait for next year, too many injuries have plagued their season.

31.  Minnesota Vikings (2-9) (-1) – Well they played a tough game but when they had a touchdown in sight they failed to execute all 4 times. At least Ponder is looking good.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-11) (Even) – Apparently the Colts think that Luck will want to be a Colt and spend 3 years as a backup…think again.

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