The Sport Report NFL Predictions: Week 5


New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers 

Score: Saints 35 – Panthers 27

Spread: Saints (-5.5)

Note – This could be a shootout given how solid each offense is and also how dismal each defense is.

 Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Score: Jaguars 23 – Bengals 20

Spread: Jaguars (-2.5)

Note – As I saw it, the Bengals beat the Bills in a trap game. This is a “high” for the Bengals but I still see the Jaguars who play better at home sneaking a W. MJD will have a monster game.

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Score: Titans 27 – Steelers 17

Spread: Titans (+7.5)

Note –  Upset brewing I smell, although is a 3-1 teams beating a 2-2 team really an upset? Anyways I’d expect the Titans to cover this with how god awful the Steelers been. I could see the Steelers winning but by no more then 7 points.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

Score: Colts 24 – Chiefs 13

Spread: Colts (-1.5)

Note – Although the Colts are ranked at #32 in my Power Rankings. The way they played recently for a team playing on one leg, i’m impressed. Expect them to claim W number 1 on the season.

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

Score: Texans 24 – Raiders 17

Spread: Texans (-6.5)

Note – With Foster’s return I expect the Texans even without Andre Johnson to claim a victory. I was impressed with the Raiders after the Jets game but then there D got D-Railed by the Patriots. 

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills

Score: Eagles 38 – Bills 31

Spread: Eagles (-2.5)

Note – I have a feeling this will be a shootout.

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings 

Score: Cardinals 24 – Vikings 10

Spread: Cardinals (+2.5)

Note – Vikings are on a downward spiral, it will continue after the Cardinals take them out.

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

Score: Giants 31 – Seahawks 17

Spread: Giants (-9.5)

Note – It’s a big spread but I think the Giants defense will eat up Jackson and Lynch.

Tampa Bat Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

Score: Bucs 23 – 49ers 20

Spread: Bucs (+.5)

Note – This will be a solid game, I believe decided in the 4th quarter. 

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos 

Score: Chargers 37 – Broncos 20

Spread: Chargers (-4.5)

Note – Expect a blowout

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Score: Patriots 27 – Jets 24

Spread: Jets (+9.5)

Note – A battle will be at hands

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons 

Score: Falcons 24 – Packers 23

Spread: Falcons (+5.5)

Note – I smell an upset although you wouldn’t see this from the way the Falcons have played.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Score: Lions 21 – Bears 20

Spread: Bears (+6.5)

Note – Should be a close battle, anyone’s game in this division clash.

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