The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

1.  New York Jets (4-1) (+1) The Jets are firing on all cylinders winning there 4th straight. Also who would of thought Sanchez has 0 interceptions through 5 games.

2.  Baltimore Ravens (4-1) (+4) Ray Rice put together a strong performance to win the Ravens their 3rd straight. Can this offense stay consistent with a run and pass attack?

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) (-2) Big Ben is back, how good can this team be now? (Same Comment)

4.  Atlanta Falcons (4-1) (+1) A close victory against the Browns that involved a 14 point unanswered close. Can the Falcons win games convincingly?

5.  New England Patriots (3-1) (+2) A bye week but still managed moved up 2 spots into the top 5 with all the upsets in the top 10.

6.  Indianapolis Colts (3-2) (+3) The Colts are a mystery top 10 team. They just can’t stay consistent but yet are locked in a 4 way tie in the AFC South.

7.  Chicago Bears (3-1) (+3) A rather weak win against the Panthers but without Cutler and the backup throwing 4 interceptions. I think they played really well to overcome the turnovers.

8.  New York Giants (3-2) (+6) Another strong performance for the Giants but they did play worst defense. Can the Giants take the rather roller coaster of a division in the NFC East

9.  New Orleans Saints (3-2) (-6) Was on the end of a tough upset loss to the Cardinals. The Super Bowl champs are looking awful weak.

10.  Green Bay Packers (3-2) (-6) The Packers are banged with Barnett, Matthews, Finley, Lee, Rodgers all banged up. Can they overcome this?

11.  Houston Texans (3-2) (-3) Even with the return of Brian Cushing the defense was still awful. This could be the downfall of the Texans playoff year.

12.  Kansas City Chiefs (3-1) (-1) A tough loss to have especially when you stopped Peyton Manning because not many do.

13.  Washington Redskins (3-2) (+4) A great battle win over the Packers has the Redskins flying high. Not to mention once again they injury some key players.

14.  Tennessee Titans (3-2) (+6) Chris Johnson took my last week comment and shoved it my mouth as he ran all over the Boys.

15.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) (+4) Kolb actually looked pretty good out there. Definitely a positive win for the Vick-less Eagles.

16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) (+7) Did anyone see the Buccaneers beating the Bengals to start off 3-1? I sure didn’t.

17.  Miami Dolphins (2-2) (-4) A bye is just what the Dolphins needed to regroup from 2 embarrassing losses.

18.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) (+4) An easy win for the Jaguars but also a good momentum builder for MNF.

19.  Arizona Cardinals (3-2) (+7) The undrafted rookie was able to win in his first game, against the Saints. Not to Shabby.

20.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) (-8) Carson Palmer and Terrell Owens put up numbers but still couldn’t beat the Browns. Is this team not as elite as we thought?

21.  Dallas Cowboys (1-3) (-6) Way too many turnovers for the Cowboys to even win this game. Even though it was a 7 point game, just too many mistakes to win a game.

22.  San Diego Chargers (2-2) (-6) This team truly just can’t win on the road. They can play the Bills and still might not win.

23.  Minnesota Vikings (1-3) (-5) A rough loss to have but late mistakes will cost you and that’s exactly what happened.

24.  Oakland Raiders (2-3) (+5) Too bad they missed that win against the Cardinals. This teams could have been 3-2….wow.

25.  Denver Broncos (2-3) (-4) A tough loss on the road for the Broncos and and even tougher test this week against the Jets……gulp.

26.  Detroit Lions (1-4) (+5) Finally a win, and a rather brutal beating they handed out. No dumb mistakes equal a win for the Lions.

27.  Seattle Seahawks (2-2) (-2) A bye week is just what the Seahawks needed to figure why they can’t stay consistent.

28.  St. Louis Rams (2-3) (-4) A brutal beating from the Lions has the Rams scrambling for an answer why this defense failed.

29.  Cleveland Browns (1-4) (-2) They played Matt Ryan to one of his worst game but still couldn’t capitalize. the Colt McCoy era might help spark hope.

30.  San Francisco 49ers (0-5) (-2) The 49ers are absolutely on of the 2010 seasons biggest disappointments. (Same comment)

31. Carolina Panthers (0-5) (-1) Poor Coaching has John Fox on the brink this season. (Same Comment)

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-3) (Even) Ryan Fitzpatrick, and C.J. Spiller remain the only hope the Bills have. (Same Comment)

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