The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings

*Note: Rankings subject to change, so Vikings losing will possibly drop them further depending on Week 1 Results. Saints winning could raise them, again depending on Week 1 Results

1. Indianapolis Colts (0-0) Two words: Peyton. Manning. ‘Nuff said.

2. New Orleans Saints (1-0) Other than first drive against Vikes, didn’t look too spectacular. But still the most potent offense in the league.

3. Green Bay Packers (0-0) Everyone thinks this is Rodgers year. We think so too.

4. Dallas Cowboys (0-0) Most talented roster in the NFL. Time will tell if they live up to that talent’s potential.

5. Baltimore Ravens (0-0) The acquisition of Boldin and Housh to go along with solid D and run game make the Ravens a favorite to make a run for the Lombardi Trophy.

6. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) My Brett Favre’s back, and you’re gonna be in trouble. Hey now, hey now, my Brett Favre’s back, but with less weapons on offense, and an older defense.

7. New England Patriots (0-0) Brady’s favorite weapon is back, and looking healthy. The young defense is a year more experienced, which makes them even more dangerous.

8. New York Jets (0-0) Revis signed, but for second year QB Mark Sanchez, it is still going to be a struggle to win games, especially with a lethal weapon like Santonio Holmes out for 4 weeks.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) Cardiac Cats didn’t look too hot late last season and postseason. Bring in Terrell Owens and Jordan Shipley, and the Bengals are a high risk/high reward team. Oh, and look for Benson to carry the team.

10. Atlanta Falcons (0-0) Matt Ryan’s 3rd year as a starter looks to be a good one, but the real test lies in the hands of the defense and the running game. Really depends on if Turner gets back into 2008 form, and Dunta Robinson makes the plays on defense.

11. New York Giants (0-0) WR corp should be much better than last season. Now the question is run game and pass defense.

12. San Diego Chargers (0-0) No VJax, LT, and Cromartie creates HUGE problems in San Diego. Only way this team contends is if Rivers has record breaking season, a difficult task without the necessary weapons on offense.

13. Houston Texans (0-0) This team has had “Sleeper” written all over them the past couple of seasons. This season might be the season, but Cushing’s suspension, and the rest of the defense still struggling, it’s going to be a rough season.

14. Miami Dolphins (0-0) Brandon Marshall comes to Miami, and the Dolphins should become a legitimate passing offense. Now if running game and defense can keep up, they’re in business.

15. San Francisco 49ers (0-0) Vernon Davis and Crabtree look good to go. Defense is still the best part of the team, and with an easy division schedule, they should make the playoffs with ease. Alex Smith is the big question mark here though.
16. Tennessee Titans (0-0) Vince Young is now the official starter. Chris Johnson wants to be the first to 3,000 yards. But no legitimate WR weapons, and lackluster defense keep this team from being great.
17. Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) Exit McNabb and Westbrook, start Kolb and McCoy. Questionable offseason moves for sure, so the success of the team falls on the shoulders of the QB/RB duo.
18. Denver Broncos (0-0) Orton looked sharp in preseason, but without Brandon Marshall, the offense has lost it’s identity. They will have to find a new one before they can be a true threat in the AFC.
19. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0) Big Ben is out for 4 weeks. Dixon gets the start, and no Santonio Holmes. Not a pretty picture on offense, but defense should make it easier.
20. Washington Redskins (0-0) ‘Skins have a legitimate QB, but less than stellar weapons at his disposal. Defense should still be solid, but not enough to keep a bad team from falling into a hole.
21. Chicago Bears (0-0) Cutler shouldn’t have as bad of a season as he did last year, but I don’t see them dominating teams because of the lack of great weapons on offense. Defensively, adding Peppers should make it easier to put pressure on opposing QB’s in their division (Rodgers, Favre, and Stafford).
22. Arizona Cardinals (0-0) Warner, Leinart, Rolle, and Boldin are gone. Derek Anderson has a tough road ahead of him, even with one of the best WR’s in the league at his disposal. Don’t expect too much though.
23. Carolina Panthers (0-0) Matt Moore has the starting job, but for how long? Steve Smith is missing his partner in crime, Muhsin, and the loss of Peppers hurts defensively. But hey, running game should still be solid, right?
24. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0) MoJo will still be the main weapon here, but the loss of Reggie Nelson is going to hurt the secondary, but gaining Kampman should definitely put pressure on Peyton, VY, and Schaub.
25. Oakland Raiders (0-0) Jason Campbell is an upgrade from JaMarcus Russell, but how much of one?
26. Detroit Lions (0-0) Way too much untapped potential on this team. But that’s all it really is. Untapped potential. If they can tap it, however, we’ll be hearing Lion roars all season long.
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0) They added DT Gerald McCoy. Cadillac is back. But it won’t be enough to compete in NFC South.
28. Kansas City Chiefs (0-0) Cassel is healthy. Thomas Jones was brought in for a 2 headed running game along with Jamaal Charles. Defense helps win games, and the Chiefs have none to speak of.
29. Cleveland Browns (0-0) Jake Delhomme is basically the interim QB until Colt McCoy is ready. The defense is young and decent. The run game has a lot of potential. Passing game is huge weakness.
30. Seattle Seahawks (0-0) Hasselbeck’s days are numbered. Defense should still be somewhat solid, but offensively, no Housh, and no decent RB is going to be the downfall of the ‘Hawks.
31. St. Louis Rams (0-0) Adding a rookie QB helps for the future, sure, but not now. Steven Jackson will have to carry this team, but he won’t take them far.
32. Buffalo Bills (0-0) Defensively, the DB’s are good. And CJ Spiller is the most explosive player the Bills have had since the 90’s. But let’s be honest, everything else is a mess.

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