NBA: Tracy McGrady is possibly Motown bound, and Rumors


NBA: Tracy McGrady is Motown bound, and Rumors

In a curveball move former Knicks G/F Tracy McGrady is possibly going to sign with the Detroit Pistons. Tracy McGrady who is looking to win a ring has been rumored to teams like the Bulls, Lakers, and Heat. Yet, he might play for the Detroit Pistons whose chances seem very slim. Tracy McGrady could also play with the Pistons to try to revive his career and prove he is healthy for next years free agency. McGrady is set to be offered a contract from the Pistons for 1 year and around 1.35 million.

The Portland Trail Blazers are looking to trade G/F Rudy Fernandez for a 1st round pick but teams aren’t biting. The Cavaliers and Bulls are interested in acquiring Fernandez.

Detroit Pistons F Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton will most likely traded since they are signing Tracy McGrady.

G Rafer Alston who is still a free agent has not received too much interest but wants to play, he prefers to play for the Knicks. But after the signing of Roger Mason that seems unlikely.

G Stephon Marbury who signed with a team in China for 2 years has officially stated that he will not play in the NBA again. This comes after the Knicks giving Isiah Thomas a second chance in the organization.

F/C Rasheed Wallace who was thinking over retirement has officially called it quits.

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  1. cheneetot08 says:

    Great Post! I really think McGrady really had it in him to be a franchise player, but the sad part is , he really wasn’t able to recover from his disappointing injury.

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