Shannon Brown is returning to the Lakers, Signings, and Rumors


Shannon Brown is returning to the Lakers, Signings, and Rumors

G/F Shannon Brown re-signs with the Los Angeles Lakers (2 years, 4.6M)

G Roger Mason signs with the New York Knicks (1 year, 1.4M)

Denver Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony hasn’t signed his extension and is possibly eyeing free agency next year

G Acie Law signs with the Memphis Grizzlies (1 year, 885,000)

Former NBA player Rasho Nesterovic signed with the Olympiakos (2 years, TBA)

The Knicks declined a deal that would send Portland Trail Blazers F Rudy Fernandez to the Knicks. The deal was for a first round pick which the Knicks usually don’t have one since the Eddy Curry trade.

Anthony Tolliver is expected to make a decision soon either to be a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Golden State Warriors

Washington Wizards C JaVale McGee will replace New Jersey Nets C Brook Lopez on team USA’s final roster

G/F Larry Hughes is being targeted by the Bobcats, and the Celtics

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  1. bird says:

    will be loved in MN
    Had dinner w AT just now.

    1. KDog13 says:

      ooo cool, Thanks for the heads up

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