MLB: The National League earns a rare win over the American League


MLB: The National League earns a rare win over the American League

The National League who hasn’t won since 1996 finally was able to get one. The National League just always would fall victim to last inning defeats, bloopers, errors and just plain out could never get the job done. Their Savior was the amazing pitching staff they had coming into this and Brian McCann. The pitchers that the NL used were Ubaldo Jimenez (15-1, 113 K’s, 2.20 ERA), Josh Johnson (9-3, 123 K’s, 1.70 ERA), Hong-Chih Kuo (12 Holds, 36 K’s, 0.99 ERA), Heath Bell (24 Saves, 50 K’s, 1.88 ERA), Roy Halladay (10-7, 128 K’s, 2.19 ERA), Matt Capps (23 Saves, 33 K’s, 3:18 ERA), Adam Wainwright (13-5, 127 K’s, 2:11 ERA), Brian Wilson (23 Saves, 50 K’s, 1:91 ERA), and Jonathan Broxton (19 Saves, 55 K’s, 2:11 ERA). I’d say that pretty dominating. Well besides the great pitching the NL MVP Brian McCann hit a 3 run double which turned out to be all they needed. It all started with the old man Scott Rolen (Rollin, Rollin on the River) who hit a single to center field. Next came Matt (Hotel) Holliday (Inn) who singled up the middle. Then Marlon (BBB) Byrd (Byrd Byrd B-Byrd’s the word) worked out a walk to load the bases. The NL MVP lefty Brian McCann came up and versed lefty Matt Thornton. He roped the ball down the right field corner and cleared the bases to take a 3-1 lead. That was all that was needed to carry the NL, for there first win in 14 years. Some Highlights are below.


Brian McCann’s bases clearing double

Ryan Braun’s diving catch

Marlon Byrd throws out “Big Papi” at 2nd base (Start at 52 seconds)

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