Bryon Leftwich gets the nod to start?

Bryon Leftwich is most likely the Pitttsburgh Steelers quarterback to start the season. Edging the young Dennis Dixon and the old Charlie Batch. Charlie Batch is more of a mentor at this point then a quarterback and I just don’t see him as there starter. Dennis Dixon inexperience hurts him and he also has been working with the 2nd team in OTA’s. Leftwich was given reps on 1st which is another indication he is starting. Mike Tomlin also confirmed it in a statement “I’m not going to name a No. 1 — I don’t need to,” Tomlin said, per the Associate Press.I think how we distributed reps is an indication at this juncture.” Pretty clear cut that Bryon Leftwich is there quarterback pending he doesn’t get hurt. Ben Roethlisberger is serving a 6 game suspension with a possible reduction to 4 games. It should be interesting to see what happens if Leftwich has the Steelers undefeated. Most likely Big Ben will be in there but it might become somewhat of a problem. We will see.

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