Blackhawks win Stanley Cup in a crazy finish

A crazy series, a crazy game, a crazy goal, and a crazy finish. As hockey fans whats more to ask for. The Blackhawks lived up to there pre-season hype. Many believed they were Stanley cup bound and now they are holding the cup high above their heads. They beat Nashville in 6, Canucks in 6, Sharks in 4, and now Flyers in 6. A tough road to the finals but the Blackhawks never looked back. Led by strong goalie play from Antti Niemi who wasn’t the starting goalie when the season began. Originally it was Christobal Huet but Antti Niemi played better and was there guy for the playoffs. Inexperience didn’t show at all as Antti Niemi was dominant through the series. Blackhawks had a lot of playoff production from players like Jonathan Toews (29 points), Patrick Kane (28 points), Patrick Sharp (22 points), Duncan Keith (17 points), Dave Bolland (16 points), Marian Hossa (15 points), Kris Vesteeg (14 points), etc…. Marian Hossa finally got his cup after just bad luck in the previous two Stanley Cups being on the losing team’s side. Patrick Kane scored the winning goal in overtime after the Flyers fought back to bring it to there. When watching you though momentum is on the Flyers side here comes Game 7. Kane with no angle really to make a shot threw it at the net. It wound up going five hole and into the back of net. A crazy ending to the Stanley Cup Finals. As for the Flyers you got to give them all the credit in the world. They played their hearts out and put everything on the ice. With a tough goalie situation, great play from unspecting players, upsetting great teams, coming back down 0-3 in a series and 0-3 in that game itself, battle to win series, and just how it all happened from scoring a shootout goal against the rangers to get in. All these factors that helped pave way to this remarkable season you just can’t replace. I know a Stanley Cup or another game would ease the pain but 1 wins the cup and 1 wins more respect from hockey fans. Also great job to Michael Leighton for being on his head this whole playoffs. A journeyman turned hero in Philadelphia for his strong play and heart. Looking back at previous years I don’t remember a hockey season being this exciting especially the last days in the regular season with teams fighting for a playoff spot. In general just a crazy year topped off with a Cherry, ahhh Hockey never get’s cOLD.

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  1. delmasthebeast says:

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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