Stanley Cup Finals building up to be a thriller

The Blackhawks and Flyers are building this series into a thriller. After Game 1’s 11 goals and 6-5 game. Lead change after lead change. Then in Game 2, Antti Niemi stone walled the Flyers allowing 1 goal in a 2-1 victory. Now in game 3 the Flyers scored a goal early in the 3rd to force overtime. In overtime the Flyers with nice passing got a deflection goal by Giroux to win it. It’s becoming a back and forth brawl. It’s a very exciting series no doubt and is setting the stage to be a thriller. Especially if the Flyers are able to capture Game 4. we might see a game 7 and possibly one of the best playoff finals. If you haven’t seen a game you must live under a rock. Game 4 starts at 8pm eastern on Friday.

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