Tony Parker to be traded to the Pacers soon?


Rumors are flying of a trade that would send Tony Parker to the Indiana Pacers. The trade would be the Pacers receive Tony Parker and the Spurs receive Troy Murphy, Brandon Rush, and the Pacers #10 pick. But I am not too sure that this deal is going to get done. For one I don’t see Larry Byrd doing this deal. Parker is going to be on the team for one year then he’s a free agent. The Pacers are in rebuilding mode and have tough contracts on there hand. This means that a having a draft pick could be a better option and to trade Troy Murphy to a team with cap instead. The 10th pick in this pretty talented draft will bring in someone good value. Brandon Rush is young and athletic. Troy Murphy is a pretty good all around player and even can hit three pointers for a big man. The salaries would match up pretty good if the deal happened. Tony Parker is only 28 and good basketball player. He plays the point guard spot equivalent to a fly because he is all over the place. Either behind you, in between you, basically he’s a pest. He could make Danny Granger a better player if he goes to the Pacers. It wouldn’t be that bad of a trade overall to make for the Pacers. They are looking for a superstar like Tony Parker in which they know what they will get from him. We will see if the rumors come true, stay tuned for more.

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