Breaking News: Ken Griffey Jr is Retiring


Sad day for baseball today as Ken Griffey Jr announced his retirement. A future HOF no doubt and a great all around baseball player. Sad to see his great career come to end. His final totals amount to this: .284 average, 630 home runs, 1,836 runs batted in, 2,781 hits, 524 doubles, 1,662 runs, and 1,312 walks. Ken Griffey Jr retired because he felt he wasn’t sharp due to his lack of playing time. He didn’t want to be a distraction to the team so he retired. He only saw some time being mostly a lefty hitter off the bench for the Mariners. It makes you think why didn’t he just try to go to a team that would offer him playing time. Angels need a first baseman right now and I think Griffey would be up for the task if it included at bats. Maybe I am just baffling ideas to have hope he will play again. Too bad for his nagging injuries in 2002, 2003, and 2004 that he might have 3,000 hits, 700 homers, and 2,000 runs batted in. Just makes you really think without injuries what Griffey career stats would be. Hopefully Griffey gets a call from the Angels that they need him. Hopefully but Doubtful. Griffey Legacy lives on even after baseball as one of the best to ever step on the field.

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