Fantasy Baseball Pickups


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Kansas City Royals – 2b/SS Mike Aviles

Avg HR RBI Runs SB
.341 2 4 15 0

Not a run producing machine but Mike Aviles will bat for average. 2009 was a hyped year for Aviles after he broke out in 2008, his rookie season. He was battered by injuries all of 2009 and only played in 36 games. Now in 21 games Aviles has collected 29 hits in 85 at bats. In 2009 he collected 22 hits in 120 at bats so it seems he is back. Aviles has shown consistency with 9 of his 21 games resulting in multi-hit games. Pick him now and he will give you a good dose of singles, runs, average, and if you are in a strikeout league he barely strikeouts.

Los Angeles Angels – C Mike Napoli

Avg HR RBI Runs SB
.265 7 17 13 2

The Power Stroke is coming alive for Mike Napoli as he has 4 homeruns and 8 RBI’s in his last 7 games. The last 2 seasons Napoli has looked good and potential for a breakout season. Those seasons combined he had 609 at bats, 40 homeruns, 105 RBI’s, 31 doubles, and had an average of .273. Not bad at catcher especially if you are looking for some homeruns and doubles. Most of his homeruns are solo shots or 2 run shots, which is reason for his low amount of RBI’s. Napoli right now is a top 10 option at catcher.

Toronto Blue Jays – 3b/OF José Bautista

Avg HR RBI Runs SB
.246 15 39 34 3

If you don’t have him right now pick him up. Yea his average is .246 but that is far outweighed by the benefits. He is leading the MLB in homeruns with 15 and is tied for 4th in RBI’s with 39. He also has a good amount of runs tied for 6th in the MLB. He also gets you doubles with 10 this season and has 3 stolen bases which are not bad. See all the benefits far outweigh his mediocre average. A must pick up now!

New York Mets – OF Ángel Pagán

Avg HR RBI Runs SB
.296 3 20 26 8

Ángel Pagán has been hot of late. Even if Carlos Beltrán comes back Pagán will most likely be in the lineup still because Francoeur continues to struggle at bat. Pagán power numbers aren’t that bad either with 3 homeruns and 20 RBI’s. What really adds to his fantasy value is his stolen bases, triples, runs, and average. Surprisingly Pagán has been quiet the base stealer and his triples make him a great fantasy option especially in leagues where that is a category. Since April 25th Pagán’s average has risen 68 points. A solid pick up right now!

San Diego Padres – SP/RP Clayton Richards

4-2 2.73 41 22 1.36

Clayton Richards has been very good in his last 3 starts. The Padres couldn’t of expected Richards to be this good for them. His last 3 starts have resulted in 3 wins each of them he went 7 innings. In 21 inning he only gave up 4 earned and none of them were homeruns. In 56 innings Richards has actually only let up 1 homerun all year which is pretty impressive. His era is good at 2.73 and has a good amount of strikeouts at 41. The only bad thing about him is his 22 walks and 1.36 whip. You would like to see less walks and a whip around 1.20. Otherwise Richards has been dominant and for the most part consistent.

New York Mets – RP Hisanori Takahaski

4-1 2.13 44 15 1.24

The Mets couldn’t ask for more from the 35 year old rookie Hisanori Takahaski. Recently he has taken the role as a starter and has done extremely well. What makes things better is he that he versed the Phillies who have been to the world series the last 2 years winning one and in his first matchup versed the defending world series champs the Yankees. He is 1-0 in his 2 starts and in 12 innings has given up no runs. He added 11 strikeouts and 1 walk in his 2 starts. Bring the whip down a bit and Takahaski could be a really good fantasy starter.

Baltimore Orioles – RP Will Ohman

0-0 0.00 17 8 7

In a holds league or just a regular I recommend picking up Ohman. In 15.2 innings he has yet to let up a run. His 17 strikeouts are a plus and 7 holds are very good. Now with Alfredo Simon out who was there closer look for Ohman to share time at closer and possibly take it over. His walks have gone down in May with only 3 this month so that shouldn’t be a problem. As a fantasy option you get a lower era, some strikeouts, holds, and maybe some saves.

Pittsburgh Pirates – RP Octavio Dotel

W-L ERA K Walks Saves
2-0 5.59 26 11 10

His era must stand out as a reason to stay away but it shouldn’t. Since the start of May he had a 10.61 era and now has lowered it by 5.02. In 10 innings in May Dotel has racked up 7 saves and 15 strikeouts. In those 10 innings Dotel has only given up 1 run and 3 hits. His 6 walks in the 10 innings needs to come down but overall has had a solid May. Dotel also added a win this month if that adds value to him for you to pickup now then good.

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