New Meadowlands awarded of the 2014 Super Bowl

The New York area is buzzing with joy as the Super Bowl will come to them in 2014. Not your typical super bowl home because of the cold weather in February. No less though it is football and it’s played outside. Also football players are supposed to be tough so snow, hail, sleet, rain etc… shouldn’t be a problem. The new Meadowlands which is home of the Jets and Giants paved way for this. It cost 1.6 billion dollars and holds 82,000 plus. It is the second largest stadium in total seating behind the Washington Redskins FedEx Field. New York is a powerhouse market and should make lot’s and lot’s of money for the NFL come 2014. New York smiles today and hopefully the weather will be great come 2014 although I wouldn’t mind seeing some snow.

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  1. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hey just a thought, you would probably get more readers if you interviewed controversial people for your blog.

    1. KDog13 says:

      hmmm not a bad idea…

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