New York Knicks acquire Derrick Rose

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In a blockbuster deal, the New York Knicks finally found a point guard, acquiring former MVP Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. Also coming to the Knicks is G/F Justin Holliday, as well as a 2017 2nd round draft pick. As for the Bulls, they received veteran guard Jose Calderon, prospect Jerrian Grant and Robin Lopez.

The trade, was a much needed one for the Knicks, as years of bad point guards have plagued them. The last point guard to have any impact on a season, was probably Raymond Felton in 2010. And if you recall, despite forming a successful repertoire with Amar’e Stoudemire and the pick-and-roll, Felton was dealt to help acquire Carmelo Anthony. 

The Bulls got a decent haul, with a serviceable Jose Calderon becoming there new starting point guard. Robin Lopez instantly fills in the void at center left by Joakim Noah, who enters free agency. And Jerrian Grant is perhaps the best player the Bulls received, as his upside to be a talent remains. 

Overall, the Knicks won this deal. Rose fills a void that’s been missing forever and salary-wise this favors the Knicks. Considering Rose is in the last year of his contract, the Knicks will instantly have 21 million freed up for next year. The Bulls, despite the salaries matching up this season, will be on the hook for Robin Lopez’s remaining 28 million for 2 years. It’s about time the Knicks did something right…



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