NFL: Tim Tebow’s Short Lived Jets Stint

Well whatever the intent of the Jets was to trade for Tim Tebow, I’m sure that will want to be forgotten. The way this season has gone for the Jets will also want to be forgotten. I think the biggest blow though for Tim Tebow was not starting this week, and he sounded off about it letting it be known that he didn’t want to be involved in any Wildcat packages. I honestly can’t blame him. This season has just been a drag, and the whatever the Jets wanted of Tebow, it certainly never came to fruition. I guess Jersey’s were sold, and the name Tebow in New York was popular at least. Next time the Jets trade for someone, don’t talk about how he is going to be a big part of the offense, and not be able to utilize him throughout the entire season. Hell, if the Jets want to salvage anything, start him week 17. His value can’t be any lower, and if he can put together a solid performance, he can haul in a 6th round pick. I’m almost certain he will be gone, at least I think he feels the same way. The Jaguars seem like the perfect spot too, and I’m sure he will be very lucrative to that franchise. 

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