UFC 154: St. Pierre vs Condit Predictions



Main Event and Co-Main Event Analysis:

Welterweight champion George St. Pierre returns to the octagon in a bout against interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit, where an undisputed champion will be crowned. This is an exciting fight, and I really believe Condit has a really good shot to dethrone GSP considering the long layoff, and the fact that he is coming off a major injury. Condit is very well rounded, and also a very smart fighter. We all know George St. Pierre is a powerful wrestler with one of the best top controls in the business. If he can get this fight to the ground which I believe he will be able to, he should grind out a decision victory like I am predicting. Expect a five round fight, but mostly on the ground because I believe GSP won’t stand with Condit too long.

The Co-Main Event features two top ranked welterweights, in which I believe the winner should be next in line for a title shot. But, Dana White is looking at a GSP-Silva Superfight, so that could prove to be a bummer for the winner here. Kampmann recently has made a name for himself lately for getting beat up early, and coming back to win. Kampmann used to be very technical but after the Diego Sanchez loss, he has resorted to being very aggressive and reckless. I’m not sure that will work here because Hendricks is a solid counter puncher, and has pretty damn good wrestling to boot. I really see Hendricks here getting the better of the exchanges, and even taking down Kampmann a few times in route to a decision victory


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