The Sport Report NFL Predictions: Week 15

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs 

Score: Chiefs 237 – Packers 24

Spread: Chiefs (+13.5)

Note – I have no idea why I would pick against the Packers, especially this year. I just have a gut feeling about this “Trap Game”. It’s in arrowhead stadium (very loud), Orton is starting for the Cheifs, No Greg Jennings, and basically the Chiefs play very well at home. I’m not sure why but I think this is very possible.

Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans 

Score: Texans 31 – Panthers 17

Spread: Texans (-6.5)

Note – This game just comes down to the Texans offense which is still a solid one, compared the Panthers offense which also is solid. Next, the Defense defense is amongst the best, and the Panthers amongst the worst. Take the Texans in this game.

New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings 

Score: Saints 31 – Vikings 27

Spread:  Vikings (+7.5)

Note – I was really liking the Saints here but there defense is just not what I thought it was. The Vikings should have plenty of opportunities to keep this game close which I think they do but Bree’s will be too much in the end.

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Score: Dolphins 27 – Bills 17

Spread: Dolphins (+0.5)

Note – The Dolphins offense really got shaken up against the Eagles, after Long and Moore exited it was sack after sack. Previously though there were a bunch of turnovers that killed the Dolphins. The Defense was great though and I expect that to factor into this game too as the Bills are seriously slumping still.

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

Score: Titans 33 – Colts 17

Spread: Titans (-6.5)

Note – The Titans should roll even if Hasselbeck leaves the game at any point, Locker has proved he is ready. Easy game for the Titans to get back into the mix of the wildcard.

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears

Score: Hawks 17 – Bears 13

Spread: Hawks (+4.5)

Note – Marshawn Lynch is carrying the Hawks, and with Hanie at the helm of the Bears still….I expect Lynch to have a 30 carry day. Bears defense is tough but the offense is a joke, I’m taking the Hawks here. 

Cincinnati Bengals @ St. Louis Rams

Score: Rams 23 – Bengals 21

Spread: Rams (+5.5)

Note – Another weird upset feeling. I just think the Rams are going have a really good day but then again the Bengals always beat the opponents they should. Im sticking with the Rams here in a weird win.

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Score: Patriots 24 – Broncos 13

Spread: Patriots (-6.5)

Note – I don’t think there will be Tebow magic this time around but you have to love the way the Broncos have been playing. I just think the Patriots are going to make him throw a lot more, and it will pay dividends. Close game though but no Tebow final drive script this time, if there is though…awesome!

Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders

Score: Raiders 27 – Lions 24

Spread: Raiders (+0.5)

Note – Raiders have been god awful and I really wanted to pick the Lions but I feel urgency coming from this game. The Raiders will play desperate and I think it will pay off, we will see though.

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals

Score: Cardinals 31 – Browns 17

Spread: Cardinals (-6.5)

Note – I like how Zona’s been playing of late, hell I called there last 2 upsets. This is an easy game to win for them, watch the Cards creep into the wildcard picture…when healthy they have a nice team!

New York Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles

Score: Eagles 35 – Jets 31

Spread: Eagles (-2.5)

Note – I feel a shootout coming, and I’m going to take the Eagles based on quarterbacks. 

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers

Score: Chargers 24 – Ravens 20

Spread: Chargers (+2.5)

Note – I just think this is another game where the Ravens confuse fans, for example: Seahawk, and Jaguars game. The Chargers are nothing special but the offense if coming together now with Floyd healthy. I think the Chargers pull this one off.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Francisco 49ers

Score: Steelers 20 – 49ers 15

Spread: Steelers (+0.5)

Note – Battle of the defenses, and for a change an amazing MNF game. I don’t expect that much scoring but the Steelers offense is much more potent then the 49ers. 49ers offense has equated into too many field goals, and I expect the same here as well.

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