The Sport Report NFL Predictions: Week 14

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets

Score: Jets 20 – Chiefs 13

Spread: Chiefs (+8.5)

Note – The Jets beat the Redskins last in a game where the score actually tells you a lie of how actually close the game was. Never the less, the Jets pulled it out and are in the midst of the wildcard. I expect them to beat the rather lucky Chiefs (Hail Mary TD) but in a close game, Chiefs defense will keep them in it.

  Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals 

Score: Texans 26 – Bengals 17

Spread: Texans (+2.5)

Note – Yates played better then I thought but I knew they would be fine with him at quarterback. Andre getting hurt again is a problem for the Texans and Yates. Cincinnati got destroyed last week and continued it’s woes against teams with winning records. Expect that to continue as the Texans will have a solid run game, and the defense will cause havoc for Dalton.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

Score: Lions 38 – Vikings 20

Spread:  Lions (-7.5)

Note – The Lions are losing there grip in the NFC wildcard race after dropping yet another game. As for the Vikings, they lost in a great game. A good thing that came out of it was Ponder who looked great. Expect the Lions to roar and come out swinging, to keep there playoffs hopes intact.

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Score: Falcons 31 – Panthers 27

Spread: Falcons (-2.5)

Note – Falcons lost a tough game last week but that just credits how good the Texans defense is. Matt Ryan’s numbers would horrible. Newton and the Panthers are on a 2 game win streak and have looked good on offense. I don’t mention defense because with all the injuries, they can’t play a lick of D. Consider that the X Factor giving the Falcons the win.

New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans 

Score: Saints 24 – Titans 17

Spread: Saints (-3.5)

Note – Although this game seems likely for a higher score then I have here, I think defenses will actually be the factor. The Saints offense is nothing but stellar, and the Chris Johnson is starting to flash some of the old CJ2K. Some reason, I think the defenses will be present.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Score: Bucs 27 – Jaguars 20

Spread: Bucs (-0.5)

Note – Bucs got blown out by the Panthers, and Jaguars got blown out by the Chargers. Although Freeman was hurt for his game, and Gabbert actually played his best game despite the loss. Given that, I think the Bucs can take this game easy especially with the Jaguars defense being so rattled by injuries. 

 Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

Score: Ravens 30 – Colts 17

Spread: Colts (+16.5)

Note – Ravens should win this but the way Orlovsky played for the Colts, they will keep games close and eventually win in week 17.

New England Patriots @ Washington Redskins 

Score: Patriots 25 – Redskins 17

Spread: Redskins (-7.5)

Note – I think the Patriots could have problems in this game but they should come out on top, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Washington upset them given the more inspired ball they been playing.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins

Score: Dolphins 33 – Eagles 17

Spread: Dolphins (-2.5)

Note – I think the Dolphins are going to win again, although my score might be a little too much. I did predict last weeks upset + destroying the Raiders. Eagles have Vick back but he will only do so much finally coming back.

Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos 

Score: Broncos 27 – Bears 10

Spread: Broncos (-3.5)

Note – No Cutler, no Forte….one word Tebow! Although the D could give him a tough time, the way the Bears plays he should have lot’s of opportunities.

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

Score: Cardinals 20 – 49ers 17

Spread: Cardinals (+3.5)

Note – I called the upset over the Cowboys, I’m calling this one right now. The 49ers are for the most part all defense, and I expect errors on offense to put the Cardinals in good spots to score.

Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

Score: Packers 38 – Raiders 20

Spread: Packers (-11.5)

Note – Packers squeked out a win over the Giants in a sick last last drive by Aaron Rodgers while the Raiders got stomped on in Miami. Given Oakland’s injuries, stick with the Packers beating them up.

Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers

Score: Chargers 27 – Bills 20

Spread: Chargers (-5.5)

Note – The presence of Malcolm Floyd was huge for the Chargers, and will be huge again. Expect the Bills to give them fits but in the end Rivers will emerge and get the job done again.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Score: Giants 23 – Cowboys 17

Spread: Giants (+3.5)

Note – Not to jump the gun but I think this Cowboys team is talented but overrated due to there schedule. I called the Cardinals upset, and I’ll take the Giants here. This game is a proving ground game for both teams. Can the Giants make the playoffs, and can the Cowboys just show that last game was a fluke.

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

Score: Seahawks 34 – Rams 13

Spread: Seahawks (-6.5)

Note – Two back to back stellar Monday Night Football games, haha. I’ll enjoy this though, cause it’s football. The Seahawks should put a stopping on the Rams who might be calling the Replacements soon.

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