The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 14 (Late + Will include Thursday’s game)

1.  Green Bay Packers (12-0) (Even) A great last drive by Aaron Rodgers to keep the Packers undefeated. I’d say this next game could be a problem but the Dolphins took a dump on the Raiders. But, then again…any given Sunday.

2.  New Orleans Saints (9-3) (Even) – The Saints offense is amazing, if the defense can just limit teams to 20 points then the Saints are always going to be in business.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (9-3) (Even) – Ray Rice ran wild on the Browns defense, who seem like they cant stop any running back. Rice is in store for another solid game as they face Indy.

4.  San Francisco 49ers (10-2) (Even) – The defense once again remained solid which is clearly evident by the shutout, and the offense came alive a bit with some long touchdown. As long as the offense can put up td’s, the 49ers should win.

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) (Even) – After destroying the Bengals, the Browns put up a bigger fight then I thought they would. Big Ben is one tough SOB though, and got them the W. Week 15 is a big game with a possible Super Bowl favorite in the 49ers.

6.  Houston Texans (9-3) (Even) – Yates did what he could and it was enough to beat good football team in the Falcons. The defense continued to prove why it’s among the leagues best though.

7.  New England Patriots (9-3) (Even) – Although they won, the defense in the 4th quarter was terrible. The Colts a game out of what appeared to be at first a blowout. The offense is a lock, the defense is the key to opening the door for a successful playoff run.

8.  Denver Broncos (7-5) (+8) – Tebow is now 6-1 as a starter this year, and he has now helped the Broncos to first place in their division. Once again led the team in an epic game, and comeback win.

9.  New York Jets (7-5) (+4)  – A game where the score tells you a different story. A defensive game that late in the 4th, the Jets finally started to pour it on offensively. Relatively easy game for the Jets in the Chiefs are next.

10.  Dallas Cowboys (7-5) (-2) – The Cowboys are a talented club but let’s face it, look at their schedule up until this point. It’s been padded for success. I still think they can beat some good teams but as far as Super Bowl, i’m not leaning towards that.

11.  Atlanta Falcons (7-5) (-2) Matt Ryan had a terrible game which goes to credit the Texans defense. The had ample times to score though, and failed. Playoff hopes will be on a week to week basis as there right there in the pack.

12.  Oakland Raiders (7-5) (-2) – What a let down in a game where the 3-8 at the time Dolphins blew you out. Next game doesn’t get any easier either with the Packers.

13.  Tennessee Titans (7-5) (+4) A nice road win and it seems Chris Johnson is starting to come alive finally. This is a good sign and a perfect time with the wildcard staring right at them.

14.  Chicago Bears (7-5) (-3) – Hanie I thought I saw something but nothing seems to be there. It’s evident the defense keeps them in games and Hanie has been the focal point in loses. Forte now being hurt really diminishes the once sure playoff bounded team chances.

15.  Detroit Lions (7-5) (-3) – Luckily for the Lions, there is no apparent team for the second wildcard spot. A rather easy game finally for the Lions against the Vikings, they need a win to stay with the pack.

16.  Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) (-2) – Blown out by the Steelers and once again Dalton struggled against a good team. It looks like Bengals need to face more under .500 teams if they are going to be in the playoffs.

17.  New York Giants (6-6) (-2) – Gave the Packers all they could but in the end Rodgers lead a relatively easy and quick drive to finish them off as time expired. Good news is the Cowboys lost, and now they face em. This game will tell you what the Giants playoff shots will be at.

18.  Seattle Seahawks (5-7) (+1) – Too bad they couldn’t beat the Redskins 2 weeks ago, they’d be right in the mist of the wildcard battle. To boot, they have an easy game against the Rams on MNF.

19.  Arizona Cardinals (5-7) (+4) – Kolb came back a week too soon for the Cowboys. Not technically eliminated, but don’t be surprised if the Cardinals sneak into the mix. This of course pending on if they can pull off another upset over the 49ers.

20.  Miami Dolphins (4-8) (+6) – They absolutely dominated the Raiders and are arguably becoming the hottest team in the NFL. The Eagles are next, but can they blow them out too?

21.  Kansas City Chiefs (5-7) (even) – An odd win to say the least. As time expired in the second half, Palko threw a hail mary that would be batted down but into a Chiefs hands for a touchdown. That was Palko first td throw, and they won 10-3 meaning his first win as a starter. Talk about a WOW moment.

22.  San Diego Chargers (5-7) (even) – Hey, finally a win but I called it in the predictions. I had a feeling the offense would be in for a big night. They have Buffalo this week but then the next 3 games will be playoff chances (if there are any) defining.

23.  Buffalo Bills (5-7) (-5) – I said it since they beat the Patriots, that this team isn’t as good as meets the eyes. The fast start, downward spiral has occurred before. Defense will be the focal point of the draft for the Bills for sure.

24.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-8) (-4) – Vick is back but at this point, the “Dream Team” is all but a nightmare.

25. Carolina Panthers (4-8) (+5) – Cam Newton had a game for the ages, things are looking up for the Panthers next year.

26.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) (-1) – Curious what the off-season plans might entail for the struggling bucs.

27.  Washington Redskins (4-8) (even) – They battled all game and then collapsed late in the 4th. They eventually were routed in a game where the score tells a different story.

28.  Cleveland Browns (4-9) (-4) – I’m not sure about McCo’s status next year but it’s looking gloom. I’d expect the Browns to look at a quarterback come off-season.

29.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) (even) – Gabbert had his best game on MNF but it resulted in a loss no less. I could see another quarterback coming in to start over Gabbert who doesn’t appear to be ready just ready.

30.  Minnesota Vikings (2-10) (+1) – Ponder had another great week but in the end, the forces of Tim Tebow were too strong for the Vikings. +1 in the ranking despite that loss, Rams are clearly  worse then the Vikings.

31.  St. Louis Rams (2-10) (-1) – Shut-out, the Rams are just hoping for the season to end soon.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-12) (Even) – The way Dan Orlovsky played last week should give the Colts some hope to win one game in their next four. I’m banking on their meeting against the Jaguars in their last game of the season.

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