The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

1.  Green Bay Packers (10-0) (Even) The Packers are rolling but will face there toughest test to date as they visit the Lions on Thanksgiving.

2.  San Francisco 49ers (9-1) (Even) – Along with the Packers, the 49ers will also face there toughest test as they face the Ravens in a playoff atmosphere type game.

3.  New Orleans Saints (7-3) (Even) – These next two games will be a test to the Saints , after that the schedule is a Bree’s with the exception of the Falcons.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) (Even) – The Steelers D should enjoy the Chiefs just as much as the Patriots D did.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (7-3) (Even) – Impressive win but I fell like every week I’m saying impressive or terrible. Anyways, big showdown for the Ravens as they welcome in the 9-1 49ers.

6.  Houston Texans (7-3) (Even) – Leinart will have a good practice game to welcome him back as a starter in the Jaguars. Also Andre Johnson returning is a boost.

7.  New England Patriots (7-3) (+1) – A nice win, and better yet a game against the all injured team Chiefs is next.

8.  Chicago Bears (7-3) (+1) – With Cutler out for the regular season, can Hanie save the Bears from falling out of the Wildcard?

9.  Detroit Lions (7-3) (+1) – It was a shootout but the Lions came out with the much needed win. The Packers visit on Thanksgiving and given the implication….sh*t just got real.

10.  Dallas Cowboys (6-4) (+4) – A closer game than thought against the Skins but a win no less. Now a chance to further build momentum with a win over the recently hot Dolphins.

11.  New York Giants (6-4) (-4) – The next few games don’t get any easier for the G Men, Saints and Packers.

12.  Atlanta Falcons (6-4) (+1) Still stick around and will have a favorable matchup against the Vikings. After that, a game with plenty of implication, the Texans.

13.  Oakland Raiders (6-4) (+2) – The Raiders are starting to put wins together in the most opportune time.

14.  New York Jets (5-5) (-3)  – They just got Tebow’d, wonder what Rex Ryan will do to keep his Super Bowl champion Jets squad from falling under 500.

15.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) (-1) – While they are competitive, they still haven’t beaten a team of significance besides the recent downward spiraling Bills.

16.  Denver Broncos (5-5) (+2) – Tebow is 4-1 as a starter, and had an amazing 94 yard drive where he did it all.

17.  Buffalo Bills (5-5) (-1) – Like I said last week “This is starting to remind of the old Bills. Fast start…collapsing end”.

18.  Tennessee Titans (5-5) (-1) If anyone saw Jake Locker’s outing, there’s a reason to have hope. But, all that dies if Hasselbeck starts.

19.  Seattle Seahawks (4-6) (+3) – Seahawks are making a quiet run.

20.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-6) (+4) – A solid win, they need to keep rolling the table.

21.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-6) (-2) – They claimed Orton a week to late as this week they face the Steelers which should have them at 4-7.

22.  San Diego Chargers (4-6) (-2) – An I quote “This team can’t buy a win”.

23.  Cleveland Browns (4-6) (+3) – Browns could very well be 5-5, but then again could very well be 3-7..maybe worse.

24.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) (-3) – A season that had hope, died quickly.

25.  Miami Dolphins (3-7) (+3) – On a 3 win streak and face the Cowboys…can they get 4?

26.  Arizona Cardinals (3-7) (-3) – A horrible outing by Skelton, but an impressive one in relief by Bartel.

27.  Washington Redskins (3-7) (-2) – Battled but came up short.

28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) (-1) – I just dont see why you dont give the ball to your best player….MJD!!!!

29.  St. Louis Rams (2-8) (Even) – The looked terrible, in a very very winnable game.

30.  Minnesota Vikings (2-8) (-5) – To me there is no difference to the Vikings without AP…it’s not like they run him enough….

31. Carolina Panthers (2-8) (Even) – A shootout but a game they had but if they keep this up….Smith n Blackmon for Cam would be exciting.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-10) (Even) – The question is Luck or Peyton?

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