The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

1.  Green Bay Packers (9-0) (Even) Who can beat the Packers?

2.  San Francisco 49ers (8-1) (Even) – Whoever saw the 49ers as this dangerous, pat yourself on the back.

3.  New Orleans Saints (7-3) (+1) – The Saints are becoming the more consistent team and clear cut division winner in the NFC South. 

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) (+2) – A good win over a game Bengals team. With the Ravens playing inconsistent it’s time for the Steelers to cause some separation.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (6-3) (-2) – I can figure this team out, it’s easier to solve a riddle then the Ravens.

6.  Houston Texans (7-3) (+2) – Just when the Texans looked like destined playoff contenders, Schaub goes down. Leinart should be able to get them to clinch but can he lead them further?  

7.  New York Giants (6-3) (-2) – A tough loss especially how close they were to scoring at the end, several times.

8.  New England Patriots (6-3) (+2) – A nice win, and better yet a game against the all injured team Chiefs is next.

9.  Chicago Bears (6-3) (+3) – Another solid win, Daaa Bearssss are starting to come alive.

10.  Detroit Lions (6-3) (-3) – Things aren’t looking so good now but the Panthers are next, a winnable game. 

11.  New York Jets (5-4) (-2)  – They battled but in the end the Patriots bettered them again.

12.  Dallas Cowboys (5-4) (+4) – Absolutely tore the Bills apart, and now have a chance to repeat against the Skins.

13.  Atlanta Falcons (5-4) (-2) Had a chance to get a battle going in the NFC South but came up short.

14.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) (-1) – They played better than I thought and I applaud that. In order to stay in the mix, a win over the Ravens is much needed.

15.  Oakland Raiders (5-4) (Even) – Carson’s first win as a Raider, this should jump start the Raiders.

16.  Buffalo Bills (5-4) (-2) – This is starting to remind of the old Bills. Fast start…collapsing end.

17.  Tennessee Titans (5-4) (+3) Salvaged the season and with Schaub now out there is a glimmer of hope.

18.  Denver Broncos (4-5) (+5) – Tebow is 3-1 as a starter, kid just knows how to win.

19.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) (-2) – How do you lose to a quarterback that you limited to 2 completions?

20.  San Diego Chargers (4-5) (-2) – This team can’t buy a win.

21.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) (-3) – Let the woes continue, up next: Packers.

22.  Seattle Seahawks (3-6) (+8) – Huge win, huge movement up the rankings.

23.  Arizona Cardinals (3-6) (+4) – Two nice wins in a row. Although it clear the 49ers have the division, it’s nice to see Skelton managing to win games.

24.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) (-3) – There is no more room for losing.

25.  Washington Redskins (3-6) (-3) – After appearing like a contender, they have far removed themselves from even mid tier.

26.  Cleveland Browns (3-6) (-2) – Should of won but things like this happen when you settle for only field goals.

27.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) (+1) – A decent win, nothing overly exciting except for the defense.

28.  Miami Dolphins (2-7) (+3) – 2 wins in a row? Starting to build momentum but lets not get crazy.

29.  St. Louis Rams (2-7) (Even) – Lucky to win, nuff said.

30.  Minnesota Vikings (2-7) (-5) – The Packers made the Vikings look like a high school football team.

31. Carolina Panthers (2-7) (-5) – A winnable game, and you’d think Cam would have a strong day. That sore shoulder must of bothered him.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-9) (Even) – I’m not sure Painter is capable of getting the Colts a win this season, time to call Timmy off the Couch.

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