The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 10 (Thursday Game included, Although it’s a Week 11 Game)

1.  Green Bay Packers (8-0) (Even) Although they intercepted Rivers a few times, the Pass D is still ranked 31st. The only weak spot of the Packers.

2.  San Francisco 49ers (7-1) (Even) – The 49ers should clinch any week now. 

3.  Baltimore Ravens (6-2) (+1) – Solid last drive to win the game, the Ravens just need to ride this momentum lately.

4.  New Orleans Saints (6-3) (+3) – A good way to bounce back, by beating a division rival.

5.  New York Giants (6-2) (+3) – A solid win, especially without Bradshaw n Nicks available.

6.  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) (-3) – Tough loss to the Ravens again but I still think this team will be playoff bound.

7.  Detroit Lions (6-2) (-1) – Big Game for the Lions, this could be there chance to put themselves playoff bound.

8.  Houston Texans (6-3) (+2) – The Texans look like the clear cut winners of the division this year.

9.  New York Jets (5-3) (+2)  – The Jets are fueled up, and could take flight if they can beat the Patriots.

10.  New England Patriots (5-3) (-5) – The wheels are starting to come off, can they avoid losing 3 in a row?

11.  Atlanta Falcons (5-3) (+1) An easy win over the Colts, and they seem to be starting to build momentum.

12.  Chicago Bears (5-3) (+1) – Solid win, If the Bears can beat the Lions….they are back in the hunt.

13.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) (+1) – This game against the Steelers will determine what type of team the Bengals are.

14.  Buffalo Bills (5-3) (-5) – The Bills are on the road 4 outta the next 5 games, and it will determine the season

15.  Oakland Raiders (5-4) (+2) – Carson’s first win as a Raider, this should jump start the Raiders.

16.  Dallas Cowboys (4-4) (+5) – If they can beat Buffalo, there next three games are very favorable.

17.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-4) (-2) – Blown out by the win-less Dolphins, ouch.

18.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4) (Even) – The Bucs are starting to fall apart and should be in desperation mode soon.

19.  San Diego Chargers (4-5) (-3) – This team can’t buy a win.

20.  Tennessee Titans (4-4) (-1) I don’t think they have a chance to challenge the Texans.

21.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) (-1) – A big setback after showing some promise, good news is the Cardinals will be a nice bounce back game

22.  Washington Redskins (3-5) (Even) – Up next is the Dolphins, things could get ugly in D.C. if they lose again.

23.  Denver Broncos (3-5) (+4) – Tebow used his arm, and the Broncos staged off a great comeback to keep the season alive.

24.  Cleveland Browns (3-5) (-1) – I just don’t see how the Browns have 3 wins.

25.  Minnesota Vikings (2-6) (-1) – Big game against the undefeated Packers, time to unleash Ponder and claim some good in the season.

26. Carolina Panthers (2-6) (-1) – Watch out for Cam this week, I think he is going to go off.

27.  Arizona Cardinals (2-6) (+3) – Solid comeback, Patrick Peterson is the new Hester.

28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) (Even) – An easy game, let’s see how the Jags handle it.

29.  St. Louis Rams (1-7) (-2) – A winnable game blown in the 4th and finished off in OT; on a 99 yard punt return.

30.  Seattle Seahawks (2-6) (-1) – The Seahawks should just lose out, they desperately need a franchise QB.

31.  Miami Dolphins (1-7) (Even) – A big win, but no movement outta the 31 spot. As a Dolphin fan, boy am I happy to see a win this season.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-8) (Even) – This team could be headed to an 0-16 season, time to take down the Jags now.

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