The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

1.  Green Bay Packers (7-0) (Even) Look out for Rodgers against the Chargers, I think it could be an onslaught.

2.  San Francisco 49ers (6-1) (+1) – It wasn’t a great game but it’s another win. 

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) (+2) – I couldn’t imagine the Steelers looking this dangerous, especially from how they started the season.

4.  Baltimore Ravens (5-2) (+2) – An impressive comeback but against a team like Arizona this year, why was one necessary?

5.  New England Patriots (5-2) (-3) – The Patriots really need to fix the defense, it’s only making it harder on Brady to win games.

6.  Detroit Lions (6-2) (+1) – They gave the Broncos a spanking that instantly halted Tebow Mania.

7.  New Orleans Saints (5-2) (-3) – After the spanking they gave the Colts, they got upset by the win-less Rams?

8.  New York Giants (5-2) (+1) – The NFC East is there’s for the taking it looks like with the other teams failing to stay consistent.

9.  Buffalo Bills (5-2) (+1) – The defense was great, a sign of improvement instantly.

10.  Houston Texans (5-3) (+2) – This easy stretch of games is good for Andre Johnson less Texans.

11.  New York Jets (4-3) (Even)  – This game against the Bills will speak volumes about the rest of the season.

12.  Atlanta Falcons (4-3) (+1) Should be a relatively easy game coming off a bye.

13.  Chicago Bears (4-3) (+1) – I fear the o line might be in for one hell of a game this week.

14.  Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) (+1) – At least the Bengals are taking advantage of their easy schedule.

15.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-3) (+6) – The Chiefs seriously have came out of no where, and they face the win-less Dolphins next

16.  San Diego Chargers (4-3) (-8) – It seems my comments last week are becoming true by the week.

17.  Oakland Raiders (4-3) (-1) – Is Carson ready to lead the Raiders?

18.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) (-1) – A rematch against the Saints, this time though in the Superdome.

19.  Tennessee Titans (4-3) (+1) Well they won but this team has a lot of mysteries surrounding it.

20.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) (+3) – This team reminds of the Heat last year. Slow start, scrutinized, and then made noise.

21.  Dallas Cowboys (3-4) (-3) – The inconsistency of the Cowboys is lowly eating away at them.

22.  Washington Redskins (3-4) (-3) – I officially take the Redskins name out of the contenders in the AFC East.

23.  Cleveland Browns (3-4) (-1) – They do stay competitive, I give them that.

24.  Minnesota Vikings (2-6) (+5) – The Ponder experiment is going very well.

25. Carolina Panthers (2-6) (-1) – Too bad for that missed field goal, I know I wanted to see overtime.

26.  St. Louis Rams (1-6) (+4) – I really believe the St. Louis Cardinals winning the championship and visiting the game really boosted the Rams. Other than that what are the reason?

27.  Denver Broncos (2-5) (-2) – Tebow Mania is abruptly starting to come to end.

28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) (-2) – They stay competitive but Gabbert, i’m not sold on.

29.  Seattle Seahawks (2-5) (-2) – I guess “Beast Mode” ran out of batteries this year.

30.  Arizona Cardinals (1-6) (-2) – A great start to the game but an even worse finish to game

31.  Miami Dolphins (0-7) (Even) – Is Ross keeping Sparano to get secure the number 1 pick?

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-8) (Even) – Still no news on Peyton?

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