The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

1.  Green Bay Packers (7-0) (Even) The Real “Dream Team”

2.  New England Patriots (5-1) (Even) – The Steelers are next on the radar, can the D contain Big Ben?

3.  San Francisco 49ers (5-1) (+1) – I believe the 49ers will clinch the playoffs very soon, just glancing at the remaining games.

4.  New Orleans Saints (5-2) (+1) – Wow, just wow….such a brutal beating they put on the Colts

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) (+3) – Three in a row after looking lost to start the season. The Patriots are next, let’s see how good Pitt is.

6.  Baltimore Ravens (4-2) (-3) – An absolutely horrible display on offense, on MNF too.

7.  Detroit Lions (5-2) (-1) – A pretty easy bounce back game against Denver, that is of course if they can contain Tebow.

8.  San Diego Chargers (4-2) (-1) – I am sensing a team with a better record then what they truly are.

9.  New York Giants (4-2) (+2) – Let’s see if the Giants can defeat a very beatable team this time.

10.  Buffalo Bills (4-2) (+2) – If the Defense can improve, the Bills will be in the playoffs.

11.  New York Jets (4-3) (+4)  – A solid win, and the Jets are backed to being talked about.

12.  Houston Texans (4-3) (+4) – When Andre Johnson returns, i’ll crown the Texans division champs.

13.  Atlanta Falcons (4-3) (+5) A solid win, but this team has been so inconsistent i’m not quite sure what to think.

14.  Chicago Bears (4-3) (+5) – The Bears got a big win, and saved their season in my eyes.

15.  Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) (+1) – Made away like bandits on trading Carson Palmer, and have a solid record.

16.  Oakland Raiders (4-3) (-7) – I am speechless, truly a game that should be thrown into the black hole.

17.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) (-7) – The inconsistency is going to kill the Buccs.

18.  Dallas Cowboys (3-3) (+2) – Unbelievable game by DeMarco Murphy, look for the cowboys to be a dangerous team throughout the season.

19.  Washington Redskins (3-3) (-6) – I’m not sure the Redskins are contenders in the NFC East anymore. Even the Eagles will pass them it seems.

20.  Tennessee Titans (3-3) (-6) The Colts is exactly what the Titans need, especially to stay tight with the Texans.

21.  Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) (+2) – Winners of 3 in a row, one more win and I assure a big boost in the power rankings.

22.  Cleveland Browns (3-3) (+2) – This is an odd 3 win team, just doesnt feel like a team playing 500% ball.

23.  Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) (-2) – Let’s see if the Eagles can be relevant and win 2 straight.

24. Carolina Panthers (2-5) (+2) – Cam is just a highlight reel machine.

25.  Denver Broncos (2-4) (+2) – Tebow was blessed in that game, that is for sure.

26.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) (+3) – What an upset on MNF, truly shocked. There is some life in the Jags after all.

27.  Seattle Seahawks (2-3) (-5) – Poor display of football on offense, period.

28.  Arizona Cardinals (1-5) (-3) – This has got to feel awful for Kolb.

29.  Minnesota Vikings (1-6) (-1) – I’m not sure we will see McNabb back on the field, Ponder isn’t all that bad.

30.  St. Louis Rams (0-6) (Even) – Blowout, after Blowout.

31.  Miami Dolphins (0-6) (Even) – Crazy way to lose but you can chalk it up to something done in the Sparano Era.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-7) (Even) – I guess Peyton is the Colts?

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