MMA Rankings Shake up: 10/1/11


UFC Live on Versus 6

*I’m still learning about bantamweights and featherweights but expect top 10 rankings soon, then once I get a better grasp a top 25. So Dominick Cruz, and “Mighty Mouse” are not involved in my MMA Rankings Shake Up*

 MMA Shake Ups

*Welterweight Bout* – Anthony Johnson #25 knocked out Charlie Brenneman #18 in a controversial stoppage but as a viewer it was clear Johnson was the better fighter and was clearly beating up a wobbly Brenneman. Johnson moves up to number #19, as Brenneman falls to #20. In the Process Dong Hyun Kim moves up from #19 to #18.

New Rankings:

*This going to be something new I do weekly probably*

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