UFC Matchmaking: Welterweights

*The number indicates what I have ranked them of the top 25 in their division, NR means Not Ranked*

Jon Fitch #2 vs Johny Hendricks #NR

Fitch has been cleared for full contact after recovering from shoulder surgery the last 3 months. It has been rumored that Fitch wants to and probably will be competing on the UFC 139 card. It has also been rumored that Johny Hendricks would be the opponent. Stylistically I like this fight. Both guys tend to use there wrestling, so it could prompt us to see more of there stand up then usual. Hendricks is 6-1 in the UFC and is ready for a step up in competition. I’m not sure if this is the right step up in competition but it’s ultimately what the UFC says.

Brian Ebersole #22 vs Mike Swick #NR

 Brian Ebersole can be summed up in a sentence as the guy who rocks a hairow and attempts kart wheel kicks. Besides that in his time in the UFC he has proved to be a tough competitor in the welterweight division. Ebersole has said that he would rather face off against the veterans of the sport like Matt Serra. Unfortunately, Serra is bloated at the moment and a return isn’t imminent. With that said, how about a veteran in Mike Swick? Of course, a Swick fight would require some extra time due to Swick recovering from knee surgery. Swick is 9-3 in the UFC, and has lost his last 2 fights. He is a veteran of the sport, and still is a decent “named” fighter. He almost got to fight GSP but couldn’t beat Dan Hardy in a title eliminator. Since that loss, the woes continued. If Swick is healthy after this surgery this would be an intriguing fight.


Paulo Thiago #15 vs Rory MacDonald #21

 Paulo Thiago faces off against David Mitchell at UFC 134. I fully expect him to win, and I don’t know how this match was made. Anyways with that said, after he wins I’m assuming, how about a fight with a rising superstar? Rory MacDonald has looked amazing in his time in the UFC. If not for the last second defeat to Carlos Condit, he would have been the split decision victor. Since the lost he has put together a 2 fight win streak and hasn’t looked backed. Thiago was once that rising prospect, and started out with a bang, knocking out Koscheck. Since then he is 2-3, losing 2 in a row. A fight like this can get his name back out there. As for Rory, a win over Thiago would further more build up the hype.


Dong Hyun Kim #19 vs Mike Pyle #23

Dong Hyun Kim was almost very near being talked about as a possibility for number one contender. Those talks stopped when Carlos Condit put him to sleep, as well as suffering his first career loss. He needs to get back in there, and start building his resume over. A good start would be against a crafty veteran in Pyle. Pyle is known for bullying some of the younger fighters in the UFC. At UFC 133, the younger fighter Rory bullied him and snapped a 3 fight win streak in the process. With both fighters streaks halted by young guns, I’d like to see this veteran battle.

Claude Patrick #NR vs Matt Brown #NR

Patrick is 3-0 in the UFC, and is underrated in my opinion. He hasn’t exactly faced off against top competition but in his three fights so far, he has looked good. His recent fight was against Daniel Roberts, where he absolutely dominated “ninja” for 3 rounds. Brown on the other hand most recently beat John Howard in a pretty good fight. Brown was more than likely fighting for his job after he had dropped 3 straight before it. Although his record stands at 12-10, make no mistake he is a pretty good fighter and always brings it. This would be a good fight, maybe for UFC 137?

Duane Ludwig #NR vs Yoshihiro Akiyama (#17 in the middleweight division)

This would be a fun fight to see. It would be a stand and bang affair with someone getting knocked out. Either that or a 3 round fight of the night. It would be interesting to see how Akiyama fights at welterweight, also with the thought of being cut in his mind. Ahh nevermind, his style will always be to take some punishment and deliver some back. Ludwig would be an awesome opponent for his style. I’m getting amped even thinking about it.

Dan Hardy #NR vs Brian Foster #NR

Hardy’s next fight will be for his job I fully expect. With that in mind, how about a fight against a fighter that has never gone to a decision in his career. That’s right, how about against Brian Foster. 20 fights, no decisions. Either he KO’s or submits you or you KO or submit him. This would be an awesome fight, especially for Dan Hardy who has had the knack for decision fights lately.

Dennis Hallman #NR vs Carlos Eduardo Rocha #NR

The battle of the submission artist! Who will submit who?

Sean Pierson #NR vs Amir Sadollah #NR

Sadly for Pierson he went from fighting Foster to then instead fighting Ellenberger. We all know how that went for “Pimp Daddy”. Sadollah just can’t win 3 fights in a row. Just when you think he will rise in the ranking, he falls back down. Both these guys need wins, so i’d be interested to see who wants it more.

Mike Pierce #NR vs Rich Attonito #NR

2 wrestlers, around the same rankings. Let one rise, and one fall. I must add though, I don’t understand the Pierce hype, he’s never actually beaten anyone special. Anyways a win over Attonito would be a good start of building a resume over.


James Wilks #NR vs winner of Erick Silva #NR vs Luis Ramos #NR

The absolute bottom of the welterweight division, nuff said.

*Left out Matt Serra, although I recently seen a article he’s gonna start shedding pounds. I think it will take awhile, he looked pretty big*

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