The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

1.  Atlanta Falcons (11-2) (Even) The Falcons are riding a 7 game win streak

2.  New England Patriots (11-2) (Even) If they are not number 1, they are a lock at number 2. If the defense keeps playing like this, the Patriots are dangerous.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) (Even) The offense wasn’t on it’s game but the defense came to play as usual. This D might be taking a hit with Polamalu’s ankle not allowing him to practice.

4.  New Orleans Saints (10-3) (Even) I thought the defending Super Bowl champs are supposed to do bad the following season. Not the Saints….

5.  Philadelphia Eagles (9-4) (+2) Hey the Cowboys are a good team now, who said division games are easy anyway. Good win for the Eagles to set up a big game verse the Giants.

6.  Baltimore Ravens (9-4) (+2) The defense really showed a weak spot with their inability to close games. Thank goodness for the int td that avoided an upset.

7.  New York Giants (9-4) (+2) The Giants were exhausted going from place to place. The crazy snowstorm didn’t stop the Giants from grabbing a hard earned W.

8.  Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5) (+4) The Jaguars are turning heads leading the division. Heads will fall off if they beat the Colts on the road on Sunday.

9.  Chicago Bears (9-4) (-4) I can’t get this team, they prove me wrong and now they get destroyed…..

10.  New York Jets (9-4) (-4) Is there any other word then disgusting to answer Mark Sanchez’s recent play?

11.  San Diego Chargers (7-6) (+4) The Chargers are right on the Chiefs butt, stuff’s bout to get electric.

12.  Indianapolis Colts (7-6) (+4) Keep playoff hopes alive with a win. The biggest game of the season comes now with a battle verse the Jags.

13.  Green Bay Packers (8-5) (-3) Playoff hopes all rest on the shoulders of Matt Flynn with Rodgers seeing stars.

14.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) (+3) Hey, the Bucs are winning an that’s all that counts. They need to prove though they are a playoff team with 3 straight wins.

15.  Miami Dolphins (7-6) (+3) This defense is making waves, too bad the offense is about 2 seasons behind it.

16.  Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) (-5) If Cassell can’t go again, run run run run run run……….

17.  St. Louis Rams (6-7) (-4) This division is up for grabs. How bout first to 8 wins gets it or maybe 7.

18.  Oakland Raiders (6-7) (-4) Playoff hopes are slim now with a tough loss to the Jags. If they won they would be a game out…..crazy.

19.  Seattle Seahawks (6-7) (+1) The division honestly has a winner at 8 wins but 7 wins is very promising as well.

20.  San Francisco 49ers (5-8) (+6) 1 game back now, wow…..

21.  Dallas Cowboys (4-9) (+2) They are losing impressively. Does that make sense?

22.  Cleveland Browns (5-8) (-1) Thankfully Colt McCoy is back. The only way the Browns can score points is with McCoy at quarterback.

23.  Houston Texans (5-8) (-1) Playoffs hopes are dead but they played a hell of a game. Upsetting to lose in OT but very impressive how they got there.

24.  Tennessee Titans (5-8) (+1) CJ came to play and so did Collins. Too bad Peyton Manning played like Peyton Manning.

25.  Minnesota Vikings (5-8) (-6) Favre streak ended, pretty sad to say that……

26.  Washington Redskins (5-8) (-2) McNabb benched, here comes the drama.

27.  Arizona Cardinals (4-9) (+2) Scored 43 points… The even wower moments comes from Jay Feely whom scored 25 of that himself.

28.  Detroit Lions (3-10) (+3) The Lions are a CB away from making waves in the NFL. If Stafford can stay healthy as well……watch out for the Lions in 2011.

29.  Buffalo Bills (3-10) (-1) Yes they won but was winning really a good idea? Andrew Luck seems like a bigger deal then winning right now to me.

30.  Denver Broncos (3-10) (-3) Tebow Time….That is all.

31.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-11) (-1) 2-11, Really? How did this happen…..

32. Carolina Panthers (1-12) (Even) At least they score some points now. The running game is very scary but thats all the Panthers have.


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