The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

1.  Atlanta Falcons (10-2) (+1) The Falcons are soaring high right now. Currently the number 1 team in the NFL in my books.

2.  New England Patriots (10-2) (+1) Dismantled the Jets on national television. The Patriots are looking like a SB contender.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) (+2) Grinded out a division battle win. Steelers are looking ready for the Playoffs.

4.  New Orleans Saints (9-3) (+2) The Saints are flying back up the Ranking after a shaky start to the season. With some healthy faces back, this team is Dangerous.

5.  Chicago Bears (9-3) (+2) My hats off to the Bears. I considered them to be a worst team then there record implies but they keep winning.

6.  New York Jets (9-3) (-5) Absolutely embarrassed and dominated on national television. A rather rude awakening loss, especially with a rough stretch of games coming up.

7.  Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) (+1) Vick continues to show why this team is a threat in the NFC.

8.  Baltimore Ravens (8-4) (-4) A tough loss, considering it was for the division.

9.  New York Giants (8-4) (Even) The Giants offense despite losses to receiver are looking strong still. Jacobs is making strides as well.

10.  Green Bay Packers (8-4) (Even) First half was close but the Packers got hot at the right time in the 2nd half. This team gets better each week.

11.  Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) (Even) Not really the game I saw coming but hey they got the Win.

12.  Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5) (+4) The running game looks solid, the defense is coming together, and the Jags look good.

13.  St. Louis Rams (6-6) (+5) Gotta admit, I am seeing flashes of Peyton Manning out of Sam Bradford. That’s Impressive.

14.  Oakland Raiders (6-6) (+5) Undefeated in the division, and just sweep the Chargers. The Raiders need all there games to be division games.

15.  San Diego Chargers (6-6) (-3) Again the Raiders defeated the Chargers. The Chargers are in a must win game ths week verse the Chiefs.

16.  Indianapolis Colts (6-6) (-3) Peyton yet again with a poor performance… brain hurts.

17.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) (-3) A hard fought game but yet again the Bucs still can’t beat a winning team.

18.  Miami Dolphins (6-6) (-3) Playoff hopes are but diminished. A rather easy game for the Dolphins cost the season.

19.  Minnesota Vikings (5-7) (+3) Tough luck for Favre this season, can the streak continue?

20.  Seattle Seahawks (6-6) (+3) Hanging in there with a rather strong second half win. I bet the Seahawks have the last week circled.

21.  Cleveland Browns (5-7) (+3) The defense of the Browns were dominant, gotta give them the game ball.

22.  Houston Texans (5-7) (-5) The Texans hope seem all but gone. Had a chance with the Colts struggling, and the Jags with some tough games left.

23.  Dallas Cowboys (4-8) (+3) Battled with the Saints but lost. The Cowboys showed they are better than there record though.

24.  Washington Redskins (5-7) (-4) Well the Haynesworth signing turned out to be terrible.

25.  Tennessee Titans (5-7) (-4) Where is CJ?

26.  San Francisco 49ers (4-8) (-1) Can’t afford to lose at all anymore.

27.  Denver Broncos (3-9) (Even) Orton had his worst game of the season which didn’t help because the Chiefs scored only 10 points.

28.  Buffalo Bills (2-10) (Even) Took out Favre but really that was the only thing right they did.

29.  Arizona Cardinals (3-9) (Even) Finally, like I been saying for a long time. Skelton gets to start. This kid has more upside then Hall, and Anderson combined.

30.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-10) (Even) If you told me in the beginning of the season that the Bengals were going to start out 2-10, i’d laugh at you.

31.  Detroit Lions (2-10) (Even) The Lions play hard even if there record is 2-10. Got a lot of good things ahead of them for next season.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-11) (Even) Started out winning 14-0, and then lost 31-14. That first pick looks good but also kind of sucks reminds them that trading the Patriots draft picks never works against the Patriots.

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