The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

1.  New England Patriots (6-1) (+2) Patriots are the number 1 team, with another win over the Vikings.

2.  Baltimore Ravens (5-2) (+2) A bye week just advanced them to the number 2 spot, Sweet.

3.  Indianapolis Colts (5-2) (+2) Easily beat the Texans and avenged there first week loss to the Texans. I’d say they are starting to turn it up.

4.  New York Jets (5-2) (-3) A really rough loss. Nothing went right, and it showed by scoring 0 points. The offense needs to get it going.

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) (-3) They looked awful on SNF. They should be a able to rebound, they have a solid team.

6.  New York Giants (5-2) (Even) A bye week to focus on knocking out newbie Charlie Whitehurst.

7.  Atlanta Falcons (5-2) (Even) A bye week, and now It’s Time for War as LL Cool J would say. They can take the division over with a win this week.

8.  Green Bay Packers (5-3) (+3) A really solid defensive battle win for the Packers. They beat arguably the best team, so does this mean they are back?

9.  Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) (+1) A rather ugly win but a win no less. Now they have to prove that the division is theres by beating Oakland this week.

10.  New Orleans Saints (5-3) (+4) A great bounce back win after that epic collapse against the Browns. Don’t count the Champs out yet!

11.  Tennessee Titans (5-3) (Even) Forget about the loss, talk about getting Randy Moss. This team is scary good especially when Britt is back.

12.  Houston Texans (4-3) (-3) They couldn’t beat Peyton twice but seriously who can. This defense is a huge problem.

13.  Miami Dolphins (4-3) (+3) A good win yet again on the road for the Fins. The problem is they are kicking way too many field goals instead of getting touchdowns.

14.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2) (+3) A thriller of a win against the Cardinals has the Bucs moving up the charts. Blount look pretty good for an undrafted rookie.

15.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) (-2) Vick is BACK!!!!

16.  Oakland Raiders (4-4) (+6) Another Dominating win, and who would of thought the Raiders have scored over 90 point in 2 games?

17.  Washington Redskins (4-4) (-5) The Skins are fading fast, and McNabb being benched in the 4th….HUH???

18.  Chicago Bears (4-3) (-3) Just a Free fall from here. (Same Comment)

19.  St. Louis Rams (4-4) (+2) Sam Bradford is starting to remind of Peyton Manning. The Rams have a special kid working magic for them.

20.  Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4) (+3) The Jags are showing life. Garrard is coming together, Jones Drew is running well….seems like the offense is clicking.

21.  Seattle Seahawks (4-3) (-3) I’m very very very confused. This team wins one, then loses, wins, loses…..What will happen next?

22.  San Diego Chargers (3-5) (+5) A strong win over the Titans. Don’t count the Chargers out yet, unless there roads woes continue.

23.  Arizona Cardinals (3-4) (-4) A valiant attempt to beat the Buccaneers but you need a quarterback. If the Cardinals were smart, i’d start Skelton.

24.  Minnesota Vikings (2-5) (-4) Brett Favre seems very Fragile. I mean it hurts me to see him get hit.

25.  Detroit Lions (2-5) (+5) Don’t look now but the Lions aren’t done yet. There is still some roars left in them.

26.  Cleveland Browns (2-5) (-1) It was a shock to see the Browns take down the Saints but can they continue this? (Same Comment)

27.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-5) (-3) Where is this Offense? Carson Palmer needs to straighten his act, he is under performing this year.

28.  Dallas Cowboys (1-6) (-2) The Cowboys are really fading away.

29.  San Francisco 49ers (2-6) (+2) The Troy Smith era has the 49ers back in it! Only a few games out of the weak NFC West.

30. Carolina Panthers (1-6) (-1) Maybe on this years draft agenda the Panthers could get some Wide receivers.

31.  Denver Broncos (2-6) (-1) A tough loss in London for the Broncos. At least Orton is having a career year.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-7) (Even) Bills fans, I am predicting a Win this week. You can take that to the Bank!!!!

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