The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

1.  New York Jets (5-1) (Even) Many have the Steelers as the number team but the Jets riding a 5 game win streak is really got me hyped on them.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) (Even) A controversial victory over the Dolphins but a win no less. The Steelers are gunning for the top spot and are getting closer by every win.

3.  New England Patriots (5-1) (Even) Even though the Chargers have fallen, doesn’t mean a on the road victory isn’t impressive.

4.  Baltimore Ravens (5-2) (Even) The Ravens let up 34 points against the Bills and also got a gift call in OT. Can the Ravens defense regroup?

5.  Indianapolis Colts (4-2) (Even) Coming off a bye the Colts will look to get revenge against the Texans. The Colts are injury riddled but the Texans have the worst pass defense which spells Peyton Manning all day.

6.  New York Giants (5-2) (+1) The offense tore up the Cowboys defense which as a Giants fan you gotta love. I still think the Giants are more happy about knocking Romo out than anything.

7.  Atlanta Falcons (5-2) (+1) Roddy White proved to be a top threat in the NFL. The Falcons can very well win the division. After this bye beating the Bucs will prove that.

8.  Tennessee Titans (5-2) (+2) Kenny Britt should either get into more bar fights or be benched for a quarter. Who saw that game coming?

9.  Houston Texans (4-2) (Even) A bye week to prepare for Peyton Manning is always a definite boost.

10.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) (+3) Finally getting back on track and are taken the division by surprise. The Chiefs offense awoke which is a good sign.

11.  Green Bay Packers (4-3) (+4) With the Bears falling fast, Vikings losing more than u’d think, and Lions just falling short. The Packers could seal this division up with a nice win streak.

12.  Washington Redskins (4-3) (+4) One of the worse games ever but there was 2 bright spots. 1. they got the win, and 2. DeAngelo Hall tied the NFL record for 4 interceptions in a game.

13.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) (-2) A rough loss, but a positive is that they have a bye. Which will give Michael Vick one more week to be at 100%.

14.  New Orleans Saints (4-3) (-8) This team can’t stay consistent and one of the reasons has to be the absence of Pierre Thomas.

15.  Chicago Bears (4-3) (-3) Just a Free fall from here, especially with performances like that.

16.  Miami Dolphins (3-3) (-2) You can blame the officials for blowing a call but you also have to look at the fact that the Dolphins had many chances.

17.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) (+2) There coach claims they are the best NFC team. You can’t blame him for trying to spark up his guys but Tampa needs to beat a team with higher credentials to start talking.

18.  Seattle Seahawks (4-2) (+2) What a surprise this team has become. Who would of thought dumping Houshmanzadeh and Lendale White would not affect the Seahawks.

19.  Arizona Cardinals (3-3) (-2) The Cardinals need to make an insane offer to get Kurt Warner back. They are really hurting there, just ask Fitzgerald.

20.  Minnesota Vikings (2-4) (-2) Brett Favre career is amazing in all but seriously he needs to stop throwing interceptions. He is really hurting the Vikings chances.

21.  St. Louis Rams (3-4) (Even) A tough one to loss especially when your up 17-3. 15 unanswered is just unacceptable.

22.  Oakland Raiders (3-4) (+5) 59 points by the Raiders, (Fainted).

23.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) (-1) Can’t blame the offense for losing this one. The defense was just pathetic on a Chiefs offense that doesn’t score too much.

24.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-4) (-1) They seemed all but lost early but found a way to comeback impressively. After that they made mistakes and just was plain bad. What happened to this superior offense?

25.  Cleveland Browns (2-5) (+5) It was a shock to see the Browns take down the Saints but can they continue this?

26.  Dallas Cowboys (1-5) (-2) The Cowboys are really fading away, and to boot Romo will be out 6-8 weeks.

27.  San Diego Chargers (2-5) (-2) The Chargers can’t wait till Vincent Jackson comes back, they need smart receivers.

28. Carolina Panthers (1-5) (+3) Finally a win, maybe they should have keep Matt Moore the starter for more than just 2 games.

29.  Denver Broncos (2-5) (-1) You let the Raiders score 59 points on you???? (Insert Face Palm Here)

30.  Detroit Lions (1-5) (-1) A bye week to correct those small mistakes might help.

31.  San Francisco 49ers (1-6) (-5) When is there bye, they really really really need it.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-6) (Even) A controversial call in OT really hurt the Bills valiant effort against the Ravens. At least Fitzpatrick looked really good.

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