The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

1.  New York Jets (5-1) (Even) They got lucky against the Broncos but still found a way to win. This is exactly why the Jets have won 5 in a row, they find ways to win.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) (+1) Big Ben played strong, the defense was there. Is this team ready to make a run?

3.  New England Patriots (4-1) (+2) Deon Branch is officially back, and Brady loves it. A great win against Baltimore has this team back as a Super Bowl contender.

4.  Baltimore Ravens (4-2) (-2) The Ravens suffered there 2nd road loss. Can this team beat good teams on the road? They got Ed Reed back so that’s like winning the Lotto.

5.  Indianapolis Colts (4-2) (+1) The Colts won a close game against the Skins. Will this team continue winning or be inconsistent.

6.  New Orleans Saints (4-2) (+3) A dominant win against the Buccaneers has the Saints back at the top. Pierre Thomas missing still hurts but Ivory is doing just fine.

7.  New York Giants (4-2) (+1) The Giants defense is one of the fiercest I have seen. If the offense can click the defense will present opportunities.

8.  Atlanta Falcons (4-2) (-4) A pretty dominant loss to Philly but this team is still a top 10.

9.  Houston Texans (4-2) (+2) Another great comeback victory but they lost Demaco Ryans in result….

10.  Tennessee Titans (4-2) (+4) Chris Johnson took my last week comment and shoved it my mouth as he ran all over the Jags. (Same Comment)

11.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) (+4) Kolb actually looked pretty good out there. Definitely a positive win for the Vick-less Eagles. (Same Comment)

12.  Chicago Bears (4-2) (-5) This team just doesn’t give me good vibes. They haven’t been the same since the Giants game.

13.  Kansas City Chiefs (3-2) (Even) 2 losses in a row but this one stings the worst considering they were winning.

14.  Miami Dolphins (3-2) (+3) A great win against the Packers in overtime but then again the Packers were playing many men down.

15.  Green Bay Packers (3-3) (-5) The Packers played pretty well for having no pass rush at all. Matthews is back so that should help.

16.  Washington Redskins (3-3) (-3) A great battle against the Colts but still lost. If they continue to play tough, they should be fine.

17.  Arizona Cardinals (3-2) (+2) A bye week moves the Cardinals up 2, not bad.

18.  Minnesota Vikings (2-3) (+5) A do or die game and the Vikings were able to get the win. Definitely saved the season.

19.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) (-3) A rough loss to the Saints but this team is not out of it yet.

20.  Seattle Seahawks (3-2) (+7) They took it to the Bears but can they stay consistent.

21.  St. Louis Rams (3-3) (+7) This team is at 500%, enough said.

22.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) (-4) Destroyed on MNF, where is this team at because i’m confused.

23.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) (-3) A bye can possibly cure the Bengals lack of energy.

24.  Dallas Cowboys (1-4) (-3) A really tough loss has the Cowboys in Panic mode.

25.  San Diego Chargers (2-4) (-3) The Chargers just can’t get back into shape, they simply can’t win.

26.  San Francisco 49ers (1-5) (+4) Finally a WIN.

27.  Oakland Raiders (2-4) (-3) They had there chances but failed. This team is fading into the blackness.

28.  Denver Broncos (2-4) (-2) A tough loss to the Jets on a PI call. The Broncos don’t appear as bad as there shows.

29.  Detroit Lions (1-5) (-3) Another close loss but the Lions are at least in games.

30.  Cleveland Browns (1-5) (-1) Colt Mccoy was pretty good. They need some life.

31. Carolina Panthers (0-5) (-1) Poor Coaching has John Fox on the brink this season. (Same Comment)

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-5) (Even) Ryan Fitzpatrick, and C.J. Spiller remain the only hope the Bills have. (Same Comment)


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