The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1.  Indianapolis Colts (2-1) (+2) Peyton Manning has lead his team back to the number 1 spot. It’s amazing how valuable he is to this team.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) (+3) Once again this defense proves to be full of juggernauts. A big battle against the Ravens, which will prove who has the toughest defense.

3.  New York Jets (2-1) (+3) Mark Sanchez again had a great day and is really turning out to what the Jets thought when they drafted him.

4.  New Orleans Saints (2-1) (-3) A tough loss to swallow especially when you had it. John Carney will shake things up as the Garrett Hartley who blew the game is on the bubble.

5.  Green Bay Packers (2-1) (-3) A tough road loss but it was well deserved. When you make stupid penalties you throw yourself under the bus.

6.  Atlanta Falcons (2-1) (+2) A really good win against the Saints but it was rather lucky. A win no less and the Falcons look like a contender again.

7.  Chicago Bears (3-0) (+6) A really strong division win for the Bears over the predicted super bowl champs. Can they continue to surprise?

8.  New England Patriots (2-1) (-1) The defense and special teams proved to be the weak spot as the Bills scored 30 points, once again the Bills scored 30 points.

9.  Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) (-1) Carson Palmer didn’t look all that spectacular but the defense for the second week in a row grinded out a victory for the Bengals.

10.  Baltimore Ravens (2-1) (-1) They suck out a win against the Browns which concerns me for this team’s future.

11.  Houston Texans (2-1) (-7) In the Battle of Texas the Texans failed and failed miserably. Andre Johnson also got hurt which throws up a ? for this Texan team.

12.  Miami Dolphins (2-1) (-2) A tough loss especially at home but Chad Henne gave the Dolphins a nice look at his potential.

13.  Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) (+2) Vick tore it up for the second straight week and you really have to wonder, is Vick back?

14.  Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) (+4) This is definitely one of the most surprising stories this season. Can this cinderella story continue?

15.  Dallas Cowboys (1-2) (+4) The Cowboys won the Battle of Texas and looked really good. Are the Boys back in town?

16.  Tennessee Titans (2-1) (+4) The defense really worked for this game. Chris Johnson was stuffed despite adding yards during garbage time. Can they stay consistent?

17.  Minnesota Vikings (1-2) (Even) Finally a win but it came against a Stafford less team.

18.  San Diego Chargers (1-2) (-6) Just when you thought the Bolts were back they lose another questionable game.

19.  New York Giants (1-2) (-5) Another terrible performance has Giants fans worrying. All the offseason moves haven’t seemed to click yet.

20.  Seattle Seahawks (2-1) (+5) What a win for the Seahawks, well actually you can really thank the special teams led by Leon Washington for showing shades of Ted Ginn.

21.  Washington Redskins (1-2) (-5) When they beat the Cowboys they turned heads, then lost to the Texans when they were up 17, and now lose to the Rams by 14? um….very confusing.

22.  Arizona Cardinals (2-1) (+2) A very lucky win, gotta love when the opposing team misses a game winning field goal from 32 yards out.

23.  Denver Broncos (1-2) (-2) Orton stood out yet another game doing it all, literally it all. The defense really needs to step it up.

24.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) (-2) I guess the easy schedule played a pretty big role in a good start. The Steelers definitely woke this team up.

25.  St. Louis Rams (1-2) (+6) A really good win for the Rams and even better yet another promising game for Sam Bradford.

26.  San Francisco 49ers (0-3) (-3) The 49ers are absolutely on of the 2010 seasons biggest disappointments.

27.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) (-1) Really sad to see a team with a top 3 back not even do anything.

28.  Oakland Raiders (1-2) (-1) A missed win is just another setback.

29. Carolina Panthers (0-3) (-2) The Jimmy Clausen era has begun but still no wins.

30.  Detroit Lions (0-3) (-1) This is kind of sad to see the Lions actually have a chance in game but blow it because of dumb mistakes.

31.  Cleveland Browns (0-3) (-1) A better performance against the Ravens but they couldn’t hold the lead and now are 0-3.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-3) (Even) Ryan Fitzpatrick really showed signs of hope for this Bills team. He came in and helped put up 30 points against the Patriots….rather impressive.

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