The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

1.  New Orleans Saints (2-0) (Even) The Saints looked pretty good and gritted out a tough game but when’s the offense going to finally break out.

2.  Green Bay Packers (2-0) (Even) An easy win for the Packers who absolutely destroyed the Bills. Clay Matthews added another 3 sacks, bringing him to 6 total sacks.

3.  Indianapolis Colts (1-1) (+2) Peyton Manning beat his little brother rather badly on SNF. Are the Colts back?

4.  Houston Texans (2-0) (+3) Can you say Comeback? How bout the Texans dropping 20 unanswered points Redskins to grind out a win.

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) (+7) This defense is full of juggernauts. The offense is lacking but the defense does so well in picking it up. When Big Ben is back, Fear this team!

6.  New York Jets (1-1) (+4) Mark Sanchez finally got to throw the ball, and throw it he did. Sanchez’s 3 touchdowns were too much for the Patriots to handle.

7.  New England Patriots (1-1) (-3) A weakness in the secondary has a lot of questions arising. Also with Kevin Faulk out, is Fred Taylor ready to run and run again?

8.  Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) (+3) After being blown out by the Patriots, the Bengals defense stiffened up. Can the Bengals get the offense going now?

9.  Baltimore Ravens (1-1) (-6) Defense was there like always but the offense wasn’t. This offense for some reason can’t click, wondering what the issue is.

10.  Miami Dolphins (2-0) (+4) The Dolphins made waves by defeating the Vikings. How good is this defense! A strong showing on SNF could start to start to get people thinking about the Phins.

11.  Atlanta Falcons (1-1) (+5) The Falcons played to there true potential blowing out the Cardinals. The Falcons next task, beat the Saints!

12.  San Diego Chargers (1-1) (+5) After losing to the Chiefs, the Chargers took out the anger against the Jaguars. The Chargers looked very good from offense to defense. Are the Bolts back?

13.  Chicago Bears (2-0) (+6) Dismal Bears huh, I guess not. The Bears surprised many including me with a Win over the Cowboys. Are the Bears for real?

14.  New York Giants (1-1) (-5) A rough loss for the Giants who definitely took a step back. Will the Giants shake off the rust and strike revenge against the Titans for that 2006 loss?

15.  Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) (+3) The Vick era has begun with a bang. The defense lacked but Vick didn’t. Can Vick fly the Eagles to the postseason?

16.  Washington Redskins (1-1) (-3) Donovan McNabb had a strong performance but the defense blew a 17 point lead. Despite this grueling loss the Redskins have a good bounce back game in versing the Rams.

17.  Minnesota Vikings (0-2) (-11) The Vikings are 0-2, Really? Was Favre’s decision to come back the problem?

18.  Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) (+3) A sloppy win over the Browns but no less the Chiefs are a surprising 2-0. If Matt Cassel can get it together, the Chiefs might be ready to take that extra step.

19.  Dallas Cowboys (0-2) (-11) The Cowboys just can’t get it together whether it being poor play calling, bad defense, missed field goals, turnovers, etc…

20.  Tennessee Titans (1-1) (-5) Chris Johnson was held to 34 yards, Say What? Vince Young was knocked out of the game as well. Is this Titans team not as good as we thought?

21.  Denver Broncos (1-1) (+4) Orton was really good finding his new favorite target Demaryious Thomas several times. The defense was solid. Are the Broncos about to cause a stampede in the AFC West?

22.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) (+5) The Buccaneers are taking advantage of a rather easy schedule coming out 2-0. The Steelers are next in line, which could tell us if this team is for real.

23.  San Francisco 49ers (0-2) (Even) Another lost for the 49ers has the NFC West picture all messed up. They fought the Saints down to the last minutes but made some late costly mistakes. Are the 49ers crumbling before are eyes?

24.  Arizona Cardinals (1-1) (-4) A blowout lost and a miserable quarterback performance. How much money will it take to lure Kurt Warner back?

25.  Seattle Seahawks (1-1) (-3) Back to reality for the Seahawks after they took a Bronco beating. The only thing that is good for the Hawks is that the NFC West is so crazy they have a good shot at being division champs.

26.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) (-2) David Garrard was bad and could have lost his job but Luke McCown who replaced Garrard got hurt and is out for the year. Jones-Drew was non existent as well. Could this become a rebuilding year for the Jags?

27.  Oakland Raiders (1-1) (+1) Bruce Gradkowski saved the day for the Raiders, Jason Campbell was benched. Is Mike Bush healthy? Just too many problems with the Raiders.

28. Carolina Panthers (0-2) (-2) Matt Moore only 2 weeks in is already out as quarterback. Jimmy Clausen will try to put the hope back in the hearts of Panther fans.

29.  Detroit Lions (0-2) (Even) Even without Stafford the Lions put in a hard fought effort. Jahvid Best was really impressive. Do the Lions have a solid future ahead of them?

30.  Cleveland Browns (0-2) (Even) 2 winnable games in 2 weeks. 2 games of costly turnovers. The Browns who looked promising this year, look way out of sync.

31.  St. Louis Rams (0-2) (Even) Another close game to lose for the Rams but that’s what you get when you don’t rely on one of the best running back in Steven Jackson.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-2) (Even) A blowout loss to the Packers really gives the Bills faint hope on the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick who was 5-4 with the Bills last year was named starter for this week’s game, maybe a sign of hope…..maybe.

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