NFL Quarterbacks Edition: Who’s In, Who’s Out, and Who’s on the Hot Seat

NFL Quarterbacks Edition: Who’s In, Who’s Out, and Who’s on the Hot Seat

Philadelphia Eagles

Who’s In: Michael Vick                                Who’s Out: Kevin Kolb


After an impressive outing against the Lions, Vick has been named starter. Kolb isn’t out of it but if Vick continues to perform like this, expect Kolb to be on the sideline with a cap on.

Carolina Panthers

Who’s In: Jimmy Clausen                                   Who’s Out: Matt Moore


After 2 dismal starts Matt Moore is riding the bench. “The Future” Jimmy Clausen is slated to take over. Pending any injuries or several bad starts, I see Clausen in for the rest of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Who’s In: Charlie Batch                             Who’s Out: Dennis Dixon


With Dennis Dixon out for the season, Charlie Batch will have take over for 2 games. Batch more know for his experience, and leadership will have to find a way to win like in the old days. Bryon Leftwich got re-signed but he is still too inaccurate to even consider.

Buffalo Bills

Who’s In: Ryan Fitzpatrick                         Who’s Out: Trent Edwards


Bills fan haven’t been impressed with Trent Edwards and neither has anyone else. It’s time for a change even it means Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was 5-4 last year as starter of the Bills, so theres a sign of hope.

Oakland Raiders

Who’s In: Bruce Gradkowski                       Who’s Out: Jason Campbell


Bruce Gradkowski has earned the start for next week’s game. Campbell who was dubbed a super bowl type quarterback hasn’t fared too well especially being benched in week 2. Campbell isn’t completely out of it, it could be a back and forth thing depending on how well each plays.

Who’s on the Hot Seat

San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith (Warm) – Alex Smith hasn’t gotten the offense under control like last year. His job I wouldn’t say is completely safe either. It isn’t like if he loses again he is out but he is getting himself closer to the thought. David Carr is the backup and not a bad one either. In preseason he showed flashes and he does have the experience.

Cleveland Browns

Seneca Wallace (Warmer) – A terrible outing against the Chiefs has Seneca no way impressing. Jake Delhomme is still out with a high ankle sprain. I believe another terrible outing could throw in Colt McCoy’s name.

Arizona Cardinals

Derek Anderson (Hot Seat) – Two not so hot outing has Anderson in a ditch. If he adds another poor outing on this Sunday look for Alex Hall to get the call with John Skeleton in the mix.

Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel (Warm) – Yea the Chiefs are 2-0 but does a 55.8 passer rating really impress anyone? Not to mention a 52% completion percentage, and 2 interceptions to add. Cassel does have a touchdown but it was a 2 yard pass. Brodie Croyle isn’t a bad option to replace Cassel but he might not be tossed in the conversation for some time with the Chiefs starting out so hot.

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