The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The Sport Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

1.  New Orleans Saints (1-0) (+1) Heading into their first road game at Candlestick Park, can the Saints offense come alive?

2.  Green Bay Packers (1-0) (+1) Will the loss of Ryan Grant slow down the early super bowl favorites? The defense was solid in the first half but loss some steam when Vick ran the Eagles offense. Trent Edwards is no Vick so expect a rough Packers defense.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (1-0) (+2) Riding a solid win over the Jets, the Ravens are soaring high. Flacco with his handful of targets will look to follow Tom Brady’s performance against the Bengals. Question is can the defense stop Batman and Robin?

4.  New England Patriots (1-0) (+3) Tom Brady again proves why he not only deserved a new contract but why he is a top quarterback in the league.

5.  Indianapolis Colts (0-1) (-4) Peyton Manning did his job against the Texans but the defense failed him. Can the defense rebound even without Bob Sanders?

6.  Minnesota Vikings (0-1) (Even) A less than impressive offensive outing for Favre and company in the opener. You can only imagine that Favre is counting the days when top target Sidney Rice comes back.

7.  Houston Texans (1-0) (+6) A huge win over Colts has the Texans feeling real good. Can the Texans finally get over the hump and be a playoff team this year?

8.  Dallas Cowboys (0-1) (-4) Alex Barron along with poor playcalling gave all Cowboy fans that stomach drop feeling when your on a rollercoaster. Good thing for the Boys is that they can get off the ride against the dismal Bears.

9.  New York Giants (1-0) (+2) A sloppy win maybe. A win no less and the Giants defense made it easier.

10.  New York Jets (0-1) (-2) All that talking on MNF only left the Jets squawking. Can Sanchez rebound from a disappointing start?

11.  Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) (-2) They fell behind way to much early and could never recover. You know the Bengals aren’t right when Cedric Benson fumbles.

12.  Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) (+7) The defense was too much for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Which gets you thinking, in 3 more weeks when Big Ben comes back. Is this the team to beat?

13.  Washington Redskins (1-0) (+7) Donovan McNabb couldn’t of asked for a better way to start the season off than by defeating the Cowboys. Can the Redskins build off this win without being saved by a hold?

14.  Miami Dolphins (1-0) (Even) A tough win for the Dolphins who haven’t won in Ralph Wilson since 2003. A strong defensive showing but rather weak offensive showing. They beat the Bills who are arguably the worst team but can a win over the Vikings shock people?

15.  Tennessee Titans (1-0) (+1) Chris Johnson started his conquest for another 2,000 season and Vince Young looked like the old confident quarterback in 2006. They dismantled the Raiders, but are the Raiders really a test?

16.  Atlanta Falcons (0-1) (-6) There was no offense for the Falcons which is an upsetting sign. The defense was solid with one blemish that lost the game. Can the Falcons be the the top 10 team everyone thought riding into the season?

17.  San Diego Chargers (0-1) (-5) The Chargers couldn’t handle the rain, the loudness of Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs, the absence of Vincent Jackson, and the list goes on…

18.  Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) (-1) A sloppy start for the new quarterback left the Eagles in doubt until he got hurt. Mike Vick stepped in and revived the Eagles and the fans despite a loss. Vick got the nod against the Lions. If Vick puts up numbers expect a QB controversy in Philly.

19.  Chicago Bears (1-0) (+2) With help from the NFL rule book the Bears were able to survive the last roars of the Lions. A called incomplete pass that would have put the Lions in the lead to a probable victory could have just played a big role come late in the season for the Bears.

20.  Arizona Cardinals (1-0) (+2) No Beanie Wells, and the Cardinals still found a way a win. Give them credit even if they did verse the Rams, they won with a quarterback who had a passer rating of 42.1 last year.

21.  Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) (+7) What a huge step for the Chiefs in beating the Chargers. The defense was great, a flash on special teams, and a flash on offense is all the Chiefs needed. Also did anyone catch the NOISE in Arrowhead Stadium?

22.  Seattle Seahawks (1-0) (+8) Did Hasselbeck just prove he still has it? Thanks to the Seahawks the NFC West is got everybody in confusion who will take it. Pete Carrol and company looked really good but can they carry this momentum into week 2.

23.  San Francisco 49ers (0-1) (-8) The NFC West picture just got fuzzy with the 49ers losing. The defense was terrible and the offense looked out of sync. How long does Alex Smith have with the 49ers cause the clock is ticking on the former 1st overall draft pick.

24.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) (Even) David Garrard looked good finding his tight end Marcedes Lewis 2 times in the endzone. The defense played tough on the Broncos all day. The problem is that I don’t see the Broncos as a tough opponent having lost Brandon Marshall, and Elvis Dumervil.

25.  Denver Broncos (0-1) (-7) Orton wasn’t bad and Brandon Lloyd impressed but clearly didn’t look like the same offense with Brandon Marshall in it. Missing Elvis Dumervil was the worst news for this defense but they played well without him, just not well enough.

26. Carolina Panthers (0-1) (-3) The defense was the only positive sign for this fairly young new look Panthers team. Hopefully Matt Moore can bounce back from an awful game and give the Panthers something to believe in other than their dominant running game.

27.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) (Even) It’s a nice start for the Buccaneers who had to comeback and win this one. The defense ate alive the Browns and really is the key reason the Bucs won. They beat the Browns though so we will see in week 2 if they can prove themselves.

28.  Oakland Raiders (0-1) (-3) A rough start for the Raiders got steamrolled by the Titans. I don’t see an improvement from this team besides an upgrade at quarterback. The Raiders only hope is that when Bush comes back, he and McFadden can power the offense.

29.  Detroit Lions (0-1) (-3) A heart breaking loss due to NFL rules, and even worse the Lions lost Matthew Stafford for 4-8 weeks. The Lions are really going to rely on Best to be the offense.

30.  Cleveland Browns (0-1) (-1) Too many turnovers in which one costly fumble turned the game around. The Browns also lost Jake Delhomme for week 2 which definitely doesn’t help.

31.  St. Louis Rams (0-1) (Even) A close game to lose for the Rams but poor clock management will do that to you. Also having Bradford throw 50 passes when you have a top running back remains another question.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-1) (Even) The secondary played up to it’s tough status but the run defense doesn’t. The offense led by Trent Edwards is really hard to see promise from. Even Spiller didn’t look good which is really not a good sign.

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