MLB: Albert Pujols becomes the 3rd youngest to reach 400-homer milestone


MLB: Albert Pujols becomes the 3rd youngest to reach 400-homer milestone

Albert Pujols hit his milestone 400th home run yesterday against the Washington Nationals. Pujols became the 3rd youngest to reach this milestone and is 47th on the all time home run list. The two younger players to reach this milestone were Alex Rodriguez (29 years, 316 days), and Ken Griffey Jr (30 years, 141 days). Rodriguez currently has 604 home runs, and Griffey Jr who retired in the middle of the season ended up with 630 career home runs.

Pujols is one of the most consistent ball players ever. Pujols in his 10 seasons has averaged 40 homers a season, of course this season isn’t over yet. A high of 49 homers in 2006, and a low of 32 in 2007. Pujols is only 30 years old right now and if he stays healthy. He is on track to hit over 600 home runs in his 15th season. Over 700 in his 18th season.

It is hard to say Pujols won’t stay consistent. He averages 40 homers plus a season, depending on how many he finishes up this season with but age does catch up and will slow down your swing as well as your production. So you really have to take all this into consideration when analyzing the possible next all time home run leader. A big season of 50 homers in 2011 would definitely help in the long run. Will Pujols be number one all time is really depending on how many seasons Alex Rodriguez plays because he has a good shot at breaking the record and some if he does in fact stay healthy.

Pujols current career stats are: .333 average, 401 home runs, and 1,206.

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