NFL: Vikings acquire Greg Camarillo from the Dolphins

NFL: Vikings acquire Greg Camarillo from the Dolphins

With news of Sidney Rice getting surgery on his hip, the Vikings went out and traded for Greg Camarillo. Camarillo is a favorite among Dolphins fans for his notable touchdown in overtime to beat the Ravens for there first win in the 2007 season. Last season Camarillo had 52 receptions for 552 yards and an average of 11 yards per catch. Camarillo is a silent workhouse among the league, very sure handed as he didn’t drop a single pass last season. Brett Favre now has a new option to throw to in Camarillo, for fantasy lovers in deep leagues grab him. The Dolphins in return will receive veteran cornerback Benny Sapp. With Will Allen hurt with a knee injury, Sapp will provide depth. Last season Sapp recorded 44 tackles, forced 2 fumbles, and had 6 pass deflections.

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