MLB: Alex Rodriguez joins the 600 club


MLB: Alex Rodriguez joins the 600 club

12 games and 46 at bats later, Alex Rodriguez is finally joining the 600 club. Rodriguez belted his home run off Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Shaun Marcum The milestone home run happened on Wednesday in the 1st inning with Derek Jeter on base . With the milestone home run off his back now expect A Rod to find a grove. The drought in between home run 599 and 600 mainly was because he was trying to hard, and it showed. A-Rod who will be chasing history from now till the end of his career is now 162 homers behind the all time home run leader Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds has 762 and still hasn’t retired but is unlikely to be on a ball club in the near future. A-Rod is 34 and is locked as a Yankee till the 2018 season. A-Rod seems like the guy who would want to break records but also not the guy who’d want to play till he is 40. If that is the case depending on how many more homers he hits this year, he will have to average around 30 homers a year to past the record.

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