MLB: Possible 3-Way Trade between the Diamondbacks, White Sox, and Nationals


MLB: Possible 3-Way Trade between Diamondbacks, White Sox, and Nationals

With the trade deadline approaching, these teams could work out a possible three way trade. The big names in the trade would be P Edwin Jackson, and 1B/OF Adam Dunn. The White Sox were interested in adding 1B Prince Fielder at first but now are turning there attention to Adam Dunn who has a lower price tag than Fielder. The Diamondbacks are trying to trade Edwin Jackson in which the Nationals are very interested in. The Diamondbacks traded P Dan Haren to the Angels for pitching prospects and if they trade Jackson will most likely look for more pitching prospects. A potential three way trade could be in the works with these teams. The White Sox acquire 1B/OF Adam Dunn, The Nationals acquire Edwin Jackson, and the Diamondbacks acquire prospects. There would be more to the deal as well most likely. I can’t see the Nationals trading one of there best players just to get Edwin Jackson, maybe a bench player or prospect involved as well. Arizona’s interim GM Jerry Dipoto who traded Haren for not the package that was not expected probably will get nothing that great back for Jackson since he set the precedent in the Haren trade. It’s just a rumor for now but it could turn out to be an actual trade. Make sure to comeback to check for updates.

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