NBA: Matt Barnes is Toronto bound, maybe


NBA: Matt Barnes is Toronto bound

After considerations of playing for top contender teams, Barnes chooses the Toronto Raptors instead. It is a sort off an odd move because teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and his original team the Orlando Magic wanted him. What it comes down to really is playing time, and a bigger paycheck. Matt Barnes is set to sign a 2 year contract for 10 million with a player option for year two. The Orlando Magic on the other hand own some of Matt Barnes bird rights and are trying to do a sign and trade with the Toronto Raptors. There are financial problems that limit the trade options from a sign and trade deal that could nix the deal completely. Matt Barnes would then be a free agent again. The Toronto Raptors have already lost their biggest names this off-season in Chris Bosh, and traded another top player in Hedo Turkoglu. The team is young and has the talent to be a force in 1-2 years. If all goes well and Matt Barnes is a Raptor, they can be a surprise playoff team. The decision to join the Raptors may come as a surprise but once you look at it he could also boost his career here. If the Raptors make the playoffs and win a game, he will be credited for doing something not even Chris Bosh could do. It is a blessing in disguise that could get Barnes a bigger payday.

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