Edwin Jackson throws a rare no-hitter

Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter on 149 pitches. Rarely you see a pitcher throw over 110 pitches but Jackson wasn’t going to stop until he gave up a hit. Jackson also walked 8 batters which can explain for 32 of the pitches. In the 9th inning Jackson showed no slowing down either being clocked throwing 95 mph. Jackson threw his no-hitter against his former team which has been the target of yet another no hitter. The Tampa Bay Rays since last July have been no hit 3 times now including Dallas Braden’s perfect game this year. Edwin Jackson no-hitter is the 2nd one in Arizona Diamonbacks history along with Randy Johnson’s perfect game. Edwin Jackson was acquired in the offseason in a 3 way trade between the Yankees and Tigers. Edwin Jackson’s rare no hitter is the buzz of the baseball world today.

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